October 27, 2015

The election was well run, with few problems, other than the fat that Jovenel Moise, Jude Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles and Maryse Narcisse all claim to have won..

However, the turnout was about 18% and this will be reported as 32% or more.
Why is this?

Well, the August 9 fiasco saw something less than 5% vote. Some suggest 2% and this was reported as 18%

So we must lie to balance the October 25 vote with August 9.

Jovenel Moise obtained more than the 51% required to avoid a second round.  However, there are so many balancing factors involved that a run-off will be required in order to satisfy the International Community.

Even then, when Jovenel Moise – NEG BANNAN – wins, he will have problems, from day one.

Ex-Senator Anacasis raised some interesting points, during radio interviews this morning.

He pointed out a brotherhood existing amongst the fragmented Lavalas camp, and that of Preval/Celestin.

And, Anacasis asked some questions, that many will present.

The Banana project, so often mentioned whenever NEG BANNAN is mentioned.
Anacasis stated that the ownership of this project is divided between Jovenel Moise, Wilson Laleau, and Michel Martelly. This would be a troubling factor, for the independence of NEG BANNAN, if true.

Anacasis said that NEG BANNAN’s wife was a nice lady, but how will she stand up to Sophia? Sort of like the original Aristide/Preval situation when President Preval wouldn’t let his wife refer to herself as The First Lady. He would admonish her with the comment, “There is only one First Lady and that is Mildred Aristide.”

NEG BANNAN is strong enough, to function on his own. But can he stand against the opposition?

DEMOCRACY is threatened as Celestin, Moise Jean-Charles, and Maryse Narcisse all claim to have won the vote.

Nothing is simple in Haiti!


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  1. Local radio just had a show with many presidential candidates, all demanding the disqualification of Jovenel Moise.

    We have a few who claim they won.
    Stphen Benoit
    Maryse Narcisse,
    Jude Celesten,
    Moise Jean-Charles

    With Jovenel’s 51%, 51% for Narcisse, 51% for Benoit, %51 for Moise Jean-Charles and %51 for Jude Celestin we have 255% without counting what went to other candidates.

    Narcisse effectively wiped out Ceant’s base with Lavalas but he attacked the foreign observers, foreigners in general and Haiti’s bourgeoisie.

    The International Community said the election was much better than the August 9th vote. They said there were few problems. In other words, it was an acceptable, free-and-fair election.

    Someone wins.

    Everyone else loses.

    This conflict will damage Haiti’s image throughout the world community with negative effects. No one will take Haiti seriously if we hold an election, that works, and then refuse to accept the results.

    Where is Francois Duvalier, when you need him.

    He would just have these morons shot!

    He should have won the election in 2010 but has faded to nothing.

  2. And now, more foolishness.

    Jude Celestin has just announced he will not run on a ticket against Jovenel Moise, assuming, of course, he is number two on the first round.

    Jude is a realist, after all.

    Jude Celestin recognizes the fact that, for all of the money spent, he does not have the popularity to defeat Jovenel Moise in a one-on-one combat.

  3. Haitians do not have the stomach nor the decorum for politics. This thing called “democracy” will kill us before it makes us. They don’t have the stomach for it. They are only accustomed to taking power by force, no fair and just competition in sight. When we do act normal and vote to make a choice, all the losers scream like hyenas and band together to murder the clear winner.

    Insanity is what this is…

    Respect the electorates’choice!!

    Jude Celestin is a wimp no doubt. He would rather defer and whine about unfairness rather than take a chance at unseating his opponent one-on-one.

  4. With 54 presidential candidate, specially with 4 strong candidate such as CEANT, MOISE< NARCISE AND CELESTIN, it is statistically imposible for Jovnel to win with 51%

    you are part of the problem. Stop being an apologist for the criminal martelly gang

    1. James. You are about to be blocked from further comments. AGAIN. No more death threats-especially from the safe comfort of America, where such things are illegal.

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