December 30, 2019
During President Moise’s talks with American President Donald Trump, ex-National Security Advisor, John Bolton stressed the Trump policies towards Taiwan and Maduro/Venezuela. President Trump emphasized his need for Haiti’s support in both areas.
There should have been a Quid Pro Quo – something for something – but President Moise missed the opportunity to press for substantial funding, from Taiwan, or petroleum support from America.

We voted against our historic allies – Venezuela – for Trump in his effort to isolate the Maduro/Venezuela team, and got absolutely nothing in return..
Maduro remains in place and has just revived PETROCARIBE – from which we have effectively barred ourselves – to assist Trump. And the fuel situation is one of the major threats to the Jovenel Moise government.
In the background, the Peoples’ Republic of China works steadily to undermines Taiwan’s situation with Haiti. Haiti was one of the first, if not the first to recognize Taiwan when it declared Independence.
Trump has already passed the message to Haiti: “Recognize the PRC. Lose our phone number – forever!”
Taiwan and Venezuela are important to the Trump government.
Trump is a deal-maker. 
Haiti held a winning hand!
We should put our cards on the table and deal with him for petroleum support, from American reserves, and Trump’s pressure on Taiwan to pump some substantial cash into Haiti – not just find commercial loans for us, thet require repayment.
Watch the following video and remember the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,”

In this case, a video should be worth a few billion American.

What Donald Trump fears is a recognition of the PRC followed by a State Visit by the PRC Navy,  with a port call in Port-au-Prince harbor. 
Perhaps a few of Putin’s supersonic atom bombers basing here.
Haiti’s current situation has little to do with Jovenel Moise, or his Presidency.
Our present situation has been generated by their own bad decsions – forced upon us – since their removal of Duvalier, in February, 1986, without any thought of what would follow.
Duvalier had infrastructure, investment, tourism, medical support, an accelerating literacy rate and – most of all – Law and Order.
DEMOCRACY HAS NO CALORIES and Haiti has paid the price of America’s interference over the intervening years.
Left to our own resources, Haiti would not be a Beggar State. We would not be watching groups like SOGENOR, HAYTRACK, and E-POWER suck the Nation’s lifeblood, one result of the ill-conceived Clinton forcing of Privatization. 
Everyone in – who had anything to do with the administration, or accounting, over the past few years in SOGENOR should be arrested. Not just Dimitri Vorbe.
We should not be shy about pointing out the realities to our American brothers and sister, who are responsible – to a large extent – for our disastrous situation today.
It is important for President Jovenel Moise to complete his Mandate, passing the Presidency to a legitimate, elected President.
Haitian Democracy – whatever that means – is in grave danger.
The next few weeks will tell the story.

Perhaps, it will have a happy ending.
We are not optimistic so long as criminals are allowed a function in destabilizing our day-to-day lives.


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