Voices of Hope for Haiti’s Future

As this Sunday’s anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti drew closer, I was annoyed to see reporting that focused exclusively on how bad things still are ten years later. And while the list of entrenched problems the country faces is both long and daunting, a first-time foreign visitor would not recognize Haiti if their only guidebook was this one-dimensional international media coverage. In order to strike some sort of balance, I approached several of my friends with the same question: “What is one thing you and your organization or business have initiated since the 2010 earthquake that you feel will continue to have a positive impact and which gives you hope for Haiti’s future?”. I expected a few thoughtful responses, but was soon overwhelmed by 46 replies. This was more than I could ever include in a newsletter, and so I have compiled them in a document for you to read by clicking below:


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