Voices of Hope for Haiti’s Future

When the challenges in Haiti seem insurmountable, where do you turn for answers? There is no single and all-encompassing response to this question. It will eventually need to involve the full spectrum of political, social, economic, spiritual and other sectors of the Haitian population in order to be resolved.
In the meantime, one part of the answer lies in the often unsung efforts by the many NGOs, foundations, cooperatives and social businesses that continue to support change at a community level. Originally published in 2020, Voices of Hope for Haiti’s Future remains particularly relevant now and we invite you to check out the 46 responses to the following question:
What is one thing you and your organization or business have initiated since the 2010 earthquake that you feel will continue to have a positive impact and which gives you hope for Haiti’s future?
Each response includes a website link so that you can find out what they are doing now, and maybe think about a year-end donation to support one or more of these inspiring initiatives.

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