23609According to the Haiti Press Network, Vietnam’s Viettel Corporation has submitted the sole qualifying bid for 70% of the equity of the state-run telco Telecommunications d’Haiti (Teleco). Viettel has offered USD59 million for the stake. Bids from Central Bank of Haiti and from two Haitian GSM operators – Digicel Haiti and Comcel – were rejected. Viettel’s investment proposals for the company include installing a 2,000km fibre-optic network to extend broadband internet access to provincial towns. The deal, which is expected to be completed by April, marks the latest expansion step for Viettel, having already spread its operations to Cambodia and Laos, as well has recently revealing that it may seek a stake in Bangladeshi cellco Teletalk.



One must wonder why anyone would pick Viet Nam as the one to revive Haiti’s TELECO phone system when other, more experienced groups, are within a couple of hours flight on American Airlines. Viet Nam is so far away from Haiti that one can fly east, or west to get there with equal ease….or difficulty. Those who have endured a flight to China will tell you the time and stress involved. VIETEL’s claim to fame is their involvement with the phone systems in Cambodia and Laos, both poor countries who have a focus upon peasant rice production.

This is like an engineer presenting a proposal for a major program, using the fact that he is Chief of Planning in Jean Rabel and Bombardopolis!!

If you do any research of Viet Nam, or that area in general, the one thing that stands out is the word “corruption.” This local tendency probably appealed to President Preval, his avaricious wife Elizabeth Delatour-Preval, and his inner circle of thieves.

Intelligence sources say that something around $10,000,000 was the cash for Preval’s team.

We can understand why Preval would not pick Franck Cine’s HAITEL after Preval kept him illegally jailed in a simple, cynical blackmail attempt to steal HAITEL. Cine had already paid to stay in the game. Preval was not satisfied with part; he wanted it all,  having already destroyed  Cine’s  SOCABANK in an illegal action that will eventually come back to haunt those involved.

We can also understand why Preval wouldn’t want to deal with DIGICEL since its owner is known for his refusal to pay anything under the table, anywhere.

What  Haiti’s Central Bank was doing in this game is beyond comprehension, unless you understand the Haitian corrupt banking system. The Central Bank should be, but isn’t, a regulatory body….. like it was under Andre in times past.  Without controls, the Haitian banking system has become a giant ponzi scheme that will eventually collapse when people realize the reality of the system. This is why businessmen, like Mevs, put their money in foreign  controlled banks, like SCOTIABANK.

Senator Youri Latortue has moved to hod up the TELECO deal. We welcome his intervention and hope the cynics who suggest he is only doing this to get his cut of the bribe,  are wrong.

Time will tell.

One cannot be optimistic. However, the TELECO deal will not be completed until April, 2010 so there is time to force some integrity into the game.

If anyone is interested, I am including web sites that tell of Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam…



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8 thoughts on “PREVAL POCKETS $10,000,000 IN TELECO DEAL

  1. Your December 11, 2009 comment


    was really smack on target!!

    Do you really think they paid Preval $10,000,000 under the table??

    Do you really think Preval will dump Taiwan for the People’s Republic of China??

  2. Preval really does not care what the world thinks about him. He does not care what happens to Haiti and the people. He already has stolen enough for ten lifetimes. Elizbeth Delatour has stole enough and has her dead husband’s stolen millions. Leave something for the people.
    Now we experience a crime when he gives TELECO to some foreign people from far away when our own Haitel and Digicel could help TELECO improve itself.
    He will not do this unless he is paid millions.
    Why do the United Nations accept his crimes? They are responsible for our having Preval and should keep him inside limits. Sad there no limits to Preval’s stealing.
    Perhaps God will judge him since no one else does.

  3. Payoff obvious.

    Original deal $59,000,000 for 60 percent.
    Final deal $59,000,000 for 70 percent.

    Roughly $1,000,000 per percentage point so multiply this by 70 and you find $70,000,000.

    $59,000,000 to Haiti and $10,000,000 to the bribe.

    The hidden $10,000,000 for the additional 10 percent of TELECO went under the table to someone.

    Who is the someone??

    Probably Preval and his Groupe Bourdon.

  4. Si vous n’avez pas de preuves irrefutables, arretez de dire n’importe quoi sinon vous serez aussi malhonnetes que ceux que vous denoncez. La desinformation est aussi un crime contre les naifs et les analphabetes.

  5. Thank you for the comment Elisabeth.

    The naive make up the International Community that believe a fair election can be held with Preval in control of the CEP and most of the candidates.

    The illiterate will not be reading these articles, or our comments.

    That focuses upon one of the major shortfalls in this game. The Preval government has done zip for education. More than one-third of our potential students have nowhere to go. Some attended a couple of days and dropped out because of a lack of money. Many of the schools are schools in name only.This fall will see a melt-down of the school system, which may create a major social/violent explosion.

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