Viettel plans to buy majority shares in Haiti telecom

The military telecom group (Viettel) has offered to buy 70 percent of the Teleco Company – an international telecom services provider in the Republic of Haiti.

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications website, ICTnews, cited the Haiti news agency as saying that Viettel’s US$59 million offer is the only tendered document that meets all conditions.

The Vietnamese group also proposed to set up a 2,000km fibre cable network to expand broad Internet access to remote towns in Haiti .

The transaction is expected to be finalized in April, following Viettel’s previous foreign market success after gaining a firm foothold in both Cambodia and Laos .

Teleco is one of three largest mobile service providers in the Caribbean country, which has a population of 8.1 million with an average per capita income of US$1,317 in 2008.




VIETTEL is not the run of the mill organization. It is part of the Vietnamese military. A very strange partner for any sort of business venture in this part of the world, almost 12,000 miles away. It is almost as short a trip to go either east or west to reach Viet Nam.  The fact that VIETTEL has little experience in the cell phone business should – of course – not be a factor. The fact that their claim to fame is based upon contracts with Laos and Cambodia, both nations with peasant populations and few phones per thousand population.

Preval, and his criminal elite – have pocketed millions in the deal and will leave Haiti with a crippled phone business.


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