Uruguayan peacekeepers in Haiti accused of abuse-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth


Uruguay has ordered the repatriation of five of its peacekeepers from Haiti, accused of involvement in the sexual assault of a teenage boy.

The head of Uruguay’s naval contingent in Haiti has also been relieved of his post over the incident.

Uruguay acted after a video clip appeared on the internet, which purported to show the abuse.

It is the latest controversy involving UN peacekeepers in Haiti.

The Uruguayan military said it was taking “severe and exemplary measures” to deal with the allegations, and that it would apply the maximum penalty if the accused men were found guilty.

‘Zero tolerance’

Uruguay, which has 1,200 military personnel in the UN mission in Haiti, was prompted to act after a video clip of the alleged abuse appeared on the internet.

In the short clip, which was recorded on a telephone, several men in uniform are heard to laugh as they hold down a teenage boy on a bed during what appears to be a sexual assault at a UN base in southern Haiti.

“Start Quote

We have taken these allegations extremely seriously, and if the allegations are proved, the perpetrators must be brought to justice”

End Quote Eliane Nabaa UN spokeswoman

A spokeswoman for the United Nations mission in Haiti (Minustah) told the BBC that it had immediately ordered an investigation by its military police.

“The United Nations has a zero tolerance policy towards misbehaviour, or sexual exploitation or abuse,” Eliane Nabaa said.

“We have taken these allegations extremely seriously, and if the allegations are proved, the perpetrators must be brought to justice.”

Last week, Uruguay’s Defence Minister, Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro, ordered an urgent investigation into the allegations of what he called “aberrant acts” by peacekeepers in Haiti.

Haitian officials are conducting their own inquiry, led by an investigating magistrate.

His investigation will also look into cases where young Haitian females are believed to have been made pregnant by UN peacekeepers.


The Minustah force first arrived in Haiti in 2004 to deal with the instability which followed the ousting of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

But it has drawn controversy, including allegations of excessive use of force by peacekeepers.

Last year there were widespread protests after Nepalese peacekeepers were accused of being responsible for a cholera outbreak, which may have killed as many as 6,000 in Haiti.

The mandate of the UN mission in Haiti was extended again following last year’s earthquake, in which tens of thousands died and hundreds of thousands remain in temporary shelter.

Meanwhile, President Michel Martelly has been struggling to form a government since he came to power earlier this year.

The BBC’s Americas analyst Warren Bull says that despite resentment of the UN peacekeepers among many Haitians, President Martelly is very unlikely to order the withdrawal of the Minustah mission.



Eliane Nabaa UN spokeswoman,  is simply another “cover-up merchant” who spins the MINUSTAH line in face of truth and reality. This complaint – involving the rape of the 18 year old boy – was made months ago and was swept under the table by ignoring the evidence and intimidating the witnesses.

Zero tolerance – BULL SHIT!!

This same unit was accused of child molestation and pornography, by the population, some time ago. There were threatened demonstrations, but these were suppressed.  Videos of the kids were circulated, but ignored by Eliane Nabaa and her associates.

There is a lady who has the job of dealing with these incidents, within MINUSTAH and she should be called to testify under oath.

On August 18, a UN representative issued a statement to the effect that the allegations of raping the boy had been investigated and there was absolutely no evidence to substantiate the boy’s claim. Then the video emerged and the same UN jerk continued to deny the accusations.

It is time for the MINUSTAH immunity to be withdrawn.

The guilty Uruguayan troops must not leave Haiti. They must face justice here.

It is time for the Haitian government to stop acting like a bunch of impotent wimps and stand up for the rights of their citizens.




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  1. storm the UN compound and sexual assualt them, so they know how it feels.
    but wait, they must have gone through the same back in uruguay – the shit whole from they come.
    the crime happened in haiti , the justice must happen in haiti

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