Uruguay wants haitian rape victim to testify against UN peacekeepers

Haitians protest in large numbers caling for the UN to leave Haiti

Brian Andrews.com Montevideo, Uruguay (NTN24) Uruguay’s foreign minister, Luis Almagro, commented on the case of five Uruguayan marines charged in raping and beating an 18-year-old Haitian boy while they were serving in the UN’s post-earthquake mission.

The men, who had been detained in Uruguay since the allegations surfaced in September, were recently released. Meanwhile, a Uruguayn prosecutor has said he has not been able to reach the alleged Haitian victim, Johnny Jean, to testify in an upcoming military trial. However, back in Haiti, Jean has told several media outlets that he has not heard from the prosecutor. But Almagro said Uruguay is seeking Jean’s testimony in the impending trial.


“With respect to what happened in Haiti and the five marines who formed part of the MINUSTAH, we have special interest in Johnny (Jean) appearing in court at the trial that is being carried out here in Uruguay,” he said.

He added that Uruguay is working to get Jean to South America.

“Foreign Relations has spent resources and made an effort to make this court appearance happen. We hope it’s possible. We’ve asked for it on a bilateral level along with foreign relations in Haiti. We asked for at the CELAC summit and now we are writing them. We also hope the UN cooperates in this. Our main objective is to get him to appear in court and give his version of what happened. This is key for us to clear up the facts,” Almagro added.

The UN, Haiti and Uruguay have all launched investigations into the case.

The allegations sparked angry protests on the streets of Port-au-Prince in September against the UN presence.


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2 thoughts on “Uruguay wants haitian rape victim to testify against UN peacekeepers

  1. Uraguay has no shame.

    The Uruguayan president sent his general to meet with Johny Jean’s American attorneys in Port-au-Prince. Negotiations started then the Uruguayans shut off the telephones they were using for communication and did not reply to mail, or e-mail.

    Now they pretend that they must free thye criminals because they cannot find John Jean, or his lawyers.

    This is simply not true.

    It is a rather foolish lie.

    They need only phone or e-mail the attorneys on the phones/e-mail addresses they were using before.

    They need only look around Haiti to find Johny Jean. It took Al Jazeera 5 minutes and a couple of telephone calls to reach the boy.

    This complete and total lack of integrity shows why we cannot trust UN members to try criminal members of their forces.

    No more local immunity!!

  2. Uruguay has no shame? Funny hearing that from someone that I’ve never heard complaining about the 3 months jail term for the COLD BLOODED KILLER OF 25 WOMEN,CHILDREN AND ELDERS IN IRAQ !!!!

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