UN Stresses Cuban Medical Aid to Cholera-wreaked Haiti

By Redaction AHORA / redaccion@ahora.cu / Sunday, 05 December 2010 09:59

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reportedly stressed the importance of the work of the Cuban medical brigade in Haiti, in the fight against the cholera epidemic.

Speaking at a session of the General Assembly to address the Haitian situation, Ban highlighted the work of the health centers opened by the Cuban professionals to treat the disease, which has killed 1,882 people and infected over 84,000 others, Granma news daily reports on Saturday.

He also referred to the 300 new voluntary health workers that have joined the Cuban brigade, which has been in Haiti since before the earthquake in January.

Cuba’s medical care was also praised by Leo Merore, Haiti’s ambassador at the UN, and by representatives of several UN member states, among them Norwegian ambassador, who expressed her country’s pride for cooperating with Cuban doctors in Haiti. / RHC


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