1 thought on “Tropical Storm EARL Is Building Strength And Heading For Haiti

  1. Once again, The USA could help Haiti to survive. By doing so, I hope that the population of Haiti get to the wheel.Because at any very moment,USA have no intention to occupy this country.

    As the close neighbor, USA understand that, it is a matter of brotherhood and fraternity.In a difficult time and situation, there is no other way to face some complication due to hurricane effect than sending Army orifessional troops who know how to handle some sort of situation, to save lifes and protect the goods.

    The government of Haiti must request in advance to the USA government some assistance to deal with the hurricane season. The situation of people living in the tent cities is crucial. If we don’t have a plan to assist them, more trouble wiil come to stop any other activities accross the country.

    With the presence of the US Embassy and the Agency, USAID, the government of Haiti could face these difficulties with more calm and assurance to provide real help to people in need.

    So, don’t be blind and to proud to hesitate to ask for help. The militaries will be available to act, but, stop saying bad words to describ their presence on the Haitian territory.Even though they have to come in high numbers, because more they come in improtance, more it will be better to act quickly to rescue people affected as a result of the Hurricanes.

    So, be comprehensible!

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