Towards the replacement of Senator Guy Philippe

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Haiti - Politics : Towards the replacement of Senator Guy Philippe

Pending the verdict of the American justice against the elected Senator Guy Philippe, on July 5, the guilty plea of the Senator and his confession open the door for the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to cancel his election, although the electoral decree says nothing about the procedures for canceling the election of an elected senator who has not yet taken an oath, according to Uder Antoine, CEP Executive Director,

According to Uder Antoine, who does not intend to leaves an empty seats in the Senate, the alternative of the CEP to replace Senator Guy Phlippe is either the organization of a new by-election in Grand’Anse, which will entail costs or another possibility, replace Senator Phlippe by the second elected Senator (Sorel Jacinthe) and confirm the 3rd senator as second senator… in all cases the CEP must await the verdict of the American justice before acting.

Regarding Guy Phlippe’s candidacy as a candidate in the Senate, Uder Antoine recalled that it was not the CEP that issued the documents required by law and that there was no missing documents in the file of Guy Phlippe and that none anomaly had been detected during the examination of his candidacy…


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