The World Bank continues to work with Haiti

Haiti - Economy : The World Bank continues to work with Haiti

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Following the statements Tuesday of Ronald Larèche, Vice-President of the Senate at the end of a meeting with a delegation of the World Bank about the amending budget of the Haitian State, suggesting that the World Bank did not intend to finance the budget of the provisional government, before the outcome of the electoral process; The World Bank on Wednesday issued a statement through his Special Envoy to Haiti, which states “The World Bank continues to work with the Haitian Government to implement its portfolio in Haiti and prepare new operations that will be submitted for approval to the Board of Directors of the World Bank on a case by case basis.

To recap, the World Bank portfolio in Haiti includes 15 projects for a total commitment of $ 735.53 million (figures of mid-February 2016) is the most important commitment of the World Bank in Haiti. The program finance projects of Government in areas such as the management of disaster risk, housing, electricity, transport infrastructure, water and sanitation, agriculture, education, health, regional development , private sector growth, and management of public finances.”

Note that France is the only country to make direct budget support to the Government of Haiti, other friendly countries, institutions, NGOs, Foundations or other, usually provide assistance through the financing of specific projects.

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