The Minister of the Interior wants to bring peace and order in Cité Soleil

Haiti - Social : The Minister of the Interior wants to bring peace and order in Cité Soleil

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Wednesday, Major David Basile, the Minister of Interior and Territorial Communities (MICT), met in the conference room of the MICT (Annex Champ de Mars) with representatives from several neighborhoods of the municipality of Cité Soleil in the presense of members of his cabinet and Nancy Cara envoy of the Presidency.

During this meeting, representatives of people’s organizations and women’s groups in Cité Soleil, deplored the fact that the business sector and health in particular have abandoned the city, experiencing extreme poverty, with a high rate of children not attending school despite significant sum invested by NGOs for several years.

Representatives of the City denounced individuals who pretend to be resident of Cite Soleil, whose capacity for harm, violence and inclination, shed disgrace and stigma on the city. They urged government intervention to allow Cité Soleil to breathe a new air of peace, guarantor of a sustainable development.

The Minister of the Interior and the envoy of the Presidency, have affirmed the commitment of the Government Martelly / Lamothe, to intervene to improve the situation. Community restaurants, training centers, Popular Canteens are some of the projects of the Government stressing that “this municipality is deadlocked, because of armed violence that prevails, which is usually a lock to state intervention, whether the implementation of social programs and basic services, as the Government seeks to provide, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

Moreover, the challenge of the current cartel at the head of the City of Cité Soleil was also discussed. The Minister collected the complaints and proposals of participants which for the most part were in favor of a change in the cartel, but also argue for accompanying measures, establishment of vocational training centers, income generating activities and supervision artisans and artists for a comprehensive and complete reintegration of youth and the population of Cite Soleil in general.

New meetings have been agreed between the participants, in addition, the Minister of the Interior has stated its willingness to take all necessary steps to bring the peace, order and tranquility in the largest slum, who thirst for social justice.

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