The Gloves Are OFF, and Haiti has a chance for survival

The gloves Are OFF, and Haiti has a chance for survival. Martelly has reacted aggressively to Preval’s accellerating duplicity. Preval in an obvious attempt to show Martelly that he controlled Parliment, and would support Martelly- with certain reservations – was almost too much. Now, the public’s increasingly violent reaction to Preval’s brazen theft of Parliment, while the focus was on the Presidential fiasco, has tipped the balance.

It was one thing for foreign observers to force, and accept the CEP?Preal forced acceptance of INITE Candidates.  But it is now something else to expect the specific voter acceptance of a representative that no one -locally- wants.

The CEP/Preval voter crime should see Reginald Bulos, Preval, and the CEP arrested. Some thought should be given to the arrest of Mirland Manigat for her knowing, and corrupt participation in the crime.

In any case, today’s situation allows¬† Martelly the opportunity to become his own man.

All previous bets are off. Martelly starts with a fresh canvas and must move to remove impunity once and for all. Some people must pay, and the list is headed by Preval/Bulos.


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