November 12, 2012

Martelly is hampered by his own lack of ability, that effectively sees him losing his massive popularity, and the trust of the Haitian people.  His 85/15 popularity situation is rapidly changing to 15/85 and the balance will see his government fall, even though the Martelly ego cannot understand the reality of this formula.

Martelly has maintained his enemies, the Nation’s enemies within the walls of his palace.  Personal animosities, apparent to the outside observer, are ignored by Martelly who sticks his head in the ground, like the proverbial ostrich. Martelly must remember that, when his head is comfortable stuffed in the ground, two important physical gadgets are left dangling there for the enemy to seize and destroy, finishing hi political and badly damaging his musical potential. Who wants a singer with a high voice??

I am sure that Sweet Mickey wonders why the Haiti Observateur is dumping on him, his family and Laurent Lamothe. Some suggest it ius a matter of money and go further to suggest that Thierry Mayard-Paul has paid a small fortune to generate the adverse coverage.

This attack is not helped when one realizes that Michel Martelly’s brother-in-law – Kiko St. Remy – spent over $500,000 to derail Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.  Kiko is so malevolent, and self-focused, that he does not realize the fall of Martelly’s government guarantees his immediate arrest and removal to the United States for a trial, and probably conviction, for an involvement with the cocaine business.

Queen Sophia, the First Lady, is also focused on her hatred of Laurent Lamothe to the point that the final fall of Michel’s government could see her faced with a myriad of legal problems as she tries to explain the sources of her rapidly growing fortune to the American Internal Revenue Service. Queen Sophia is, after all, an American citizen and, as such, must declare her Global Income – even if it is not taxable. Remember that Al Capone was finally downed by the IRS, not the F.B.I or any other police group.

Someone can report Queen Sophie, to the IRS, and gain a percentage of the taxes collected from the money stolen from Haiti’s treasury.

And Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe tries to function with all of this crap bouncing around his head. He is like a blindfolded tight-rope walker with people throwing rocks at him – hungry alligators sitting below, in expectation of what must happen.

Aristide’s people work diligently to keep the alligators agitated and supply rocks to the Mob.

It is not too late to salvage the situation but it will require immediate and decisive action on the part of Martelly. Unfortunately, this is probably not a possibility as he tries to sort out which lady should share his bed….. when he should be focused upon the needs of his 9,000,000 people and not his penis.

Dropping his pants, and mooning the people will not solve this problem for Martelly.

Exile his wife to Miami, fire the Mayard-Pauls and allow Justice to pursue those involved with Clifford Brandt – no matter who they may be – and the people might return to his support.

Unfortunately, such a course of action would require a real president and we do not possess that.

The world must prepare itself for a singer with a high voice.


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4 thoughts on “THE ENEMY WITHIN

  1. Thierry Mayard-Paul is one greedy retard. He is busy creating a huge residence across from his mother’s home and we are paying the prices.

  2. Thierry Mayard-Paul is a traitor.Lamothe works for Haiti while Mayard-Paul works for Mayard-Paul.

  3. @G Lambert – The Mayard Paul house was under construction for YEARS. Mysteriously, over the past year or so, the house was completed with the finest of finishes. How, where and when did this “public servant” amass the cash required to complete construction on his home? The only successful (I use the term loosely) Mayard-Paul was Constantin and we all know he made his money under Duvalier. In the 26 years since Duvaliers ouster, this is the first opportunity the Mayard-Paul family has had to make any kind of money and they are certainly taking advantage! The MM/LL government is infested with these leeches and MM is either too ignorant to see it, too weak to act or just complicit in their corruption.

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