Success of the Carnival of Jacmel 2016

Haiti - Culture : Success of the Carnival of Jacmel 2016

Sunday, tens of thousands of revelers from here and outside the country had made displacement to attend the Carnival of Jacmel, which was held this year under the theme “JAKMEL POU TOUT TAN GEN TAN”.

Dithny Joan Raton, the Minister of Culture, in the presence of Stéphanie Villedrouin, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Industries, the Deputy of the 50th legislature, Kétel Jean-Philippe, of the Ambassador of France accredited to Haiti, Elisabeth Beton Délègue, of members of the Organizing Committee and Civil Society, launched the 2016 edition of the Carnival of Jacmel.

The quality of the spectacle offered by the various masked groups, dance troupes, masquerades made the delight of a public marveled, amongst others by the creativity and beauty of masks, musical floats, choreography and the many performances on the parade route.

2,200 masked actors, 10 walking bands 5 bands, were among others, part of the programming of the Carnival course in the Creative City where each mask, every costume, every artistic representation comes reminded, if not a historical fact, at least, the life led by a personality of the community and its contribution to the development of Jacmel.

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