This project is funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented in partnership with Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and the local Haitian government. To implement the project, Slovenia has allocated €240,000.

October 6 2011

Roman Kirn, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to the U.S. and Dr. Arthur B. Keys, Jr., President and CEO of International Relief and Development (IRD)   officially opened the “Ecole Communale de la République de Slovénie” (School of the Republic of Slovenia) in Carrefour,

“We want to instill a sense of hope within Haiti’s youth,” said Keys. “They are the future, and we feel it is important to support them and ensure they are well equipped to manage the long-term development and success of their country.”

The school consists of modular buildings, including six classrooms and a library, the courtyard is a place where children play with basketball court.

IRD Slovenia and Slovenian Global Action (SLOGA) partnered earlier this year to establish the school and a child-friendly space in the city of Carrefour. The school will educate 300 boys and girls in the city and surrounding areas. In addition to the new school, program plans include training for teachers and youth centers that will address basic needs and provide information on entrepreneurship and civic engagement. The goal is to give young people an opportunity to expand their knowledge and acquire the skills and motivation needed to help rebuild and redevelop their own communities.

IRD initiated operations in Haiti within weeks of the January 12, 2010 earthquake and carried a number of project, many focused on Leogane and its surrounding district.

Most recently, IRD has been distributing thousands of NIKI sneakers seized by US Customs.


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