Senators of G6 have suicidal behavior- dixit Michel Brunache

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Haiti - Politic : «Senators of G6 have suicidal behavior» dixit Michel Brunache

Monday, Pierre Michel Brunache, Spokesman of the Primature, described the six opposition senators within the G6 who refuse to attend meetings of the Senate to ratify the amendments to the electoral law of “Kamikazes”. For the spokesman Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime (North East), Jean-Charles Moïse (North), Francky Exius (South), Westner Polycarpe (North), John Joël Joseph (West) and Jean William Jeanty (Nippes) “are enemies of democracy.”

Recalling that since more than 120 days these 6 senators, trying to sabotage by all means, the democratic process initiated by President Martelly to allow the organization of free and democratic elections in Haiti on October 26.

“Not only we deplore this situation, but we strongly condemn this behavior which is a suicidal act, which will, undoubtedly, affect the Haitian people and the country’s development,” stressing the need to ratify the amendments to ensure the elections this year, ensuring that the Executive remains open to dialogue to find a solution to the pre-electoral crisis.

He has also warned that if the elections were not held by the end of the year, in accordance with the Agreement on El Rancho, the Head of State will take its responsibility to advance the country, recalling that the Executive branch and Judicial power will continue to deliver the current affairs of the State without any problem “The country will continue to operate and we are confident that people will support us to enforce the rule of law, a condition sine qua non of growth and sustainable development.”

Furthermore Monday, Senator Andrys Riché, Vice President of the Upper House said that all efforts were made for the holding Tuesday of yet another meeting dedicated to amendments to the electoral law, hoping that his colleagues be present and give priority to the best interests of the Nation.


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