Senator Moïse says Deputy Gracia Delva is runner for kidnappers

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Vehicle seized by DR authorities allegedly owned by Deputy Gracia Delva

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – Senator Jean-Charles Moïse said the rumor, “Deputy Gracia Delva in the kidnapping case”, have been confirmed true.

Senator Moïse said that:

“Today we understand that an official, that is a deputy, and should condemn this issue, but we find out that it is him, himself, that took his car and put people fleeing the country from a case of kidnapping… now the Dominican police are holding him and right now I don’t know if they’ve freed him or if they are holding him…”

Headlines over the weekend reported of the arrest of Jean Altidol Tius, Ricot Pierre Val and Carlos Badel Saint-Fort, three from Haiti trying to make their way to the town of Santiago, in northern Dominican Republic.

In the Dominican Republic, the media reported that the three were Haitian police officers and arrested for being part of a $2.5 million bank heist . DR news agencies did not make a connection between the arrest of these individuals and the kidnapping case in Haiti, but one Haitian news agency did .

Only a side note, the ransom for the kidnapping of the Moscosos was $2.5 million and the father of the two victims is the Chief of one of Haiti’s largest banks, SogeBank. Senator Moise said these men carried badges and identification of MINUSTAH employees. They presented this identification at a hotel in the border town of Dajabon, D.R.

Stories circulating say the three arrested men were traveling in a Toyata SUV owned by Deputy Delva. The maestro of Mass Kompa called from the Dominican Republic to Radio Caraibes on Saturday to tell listeners that he was not under arrest.

The Deputy says he was on a family vacation that was planned far in advance but critics say that parliament is in an extraordinary session and he shouldn’t have an family vacationing planned.

Some of these critics say Deputy Delva was at the Dominican police station lobbying for the freedom of Tius, Pierre Val and Saint-Fort or his vehicle. This is not confirmed.

Deputy Delva did not give details of his trip and said he was on vacation. He did finally return to Haiti Monday afternoon, but it is not clear whether he was in attendance for the National Assembly meeting.


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