Senator Moise Jean Charles talks garbage – yet again-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

July 30, 2011, GRP – Sylvester Marshall

Senator Moise Jean Charles is making wild accusations, yet again. In a civilized nation, he would be behind bars for his various crimes which – some say – include murder and massive drug trafficking. His latest slander is carried on Radio Caribe, founded with cocaine cash from Aristide drug-lord, Jacques Ketant, and now run by Ketant’s  sister.

Where is the American Embassy or DEA when you need them. Why didn’t they seize Radio Caribe as part of his plea deal with the American justice system??

Senator Jean-Charles has accused Francois Nicolas Duvalier of being a part of the Martelly cabinet.

Is there nothing sacred in Haiti?

In fact, Francois Nicolas, son of Jean-Claude Duvalier,  has nothing to do with the Martelly team.

This is nothing but a vicious attempt to poison the waters and create a dangerous, perhaps life-threatening situation for someone who in uninvolved.

The sooner Jean-Charles involvement with the attempt on Martelly last week is revealed, the better. He can then be removed from society for a period of time.



We will have to review the Constitution that gives certain immunities to members of Haiti’s parliament.

Perhaps there is some way to silence Senator Jean-Charles, one of the many INITE members who stole their seats in the November 28, 2010 elections.

It seems as though Haiti’s judges investigated and came out with an opinion that the elections were fraudulent and should be canceled. Justice Minister Paul Denis then fired these honest men, replacing them with Lavalas fanatics.

There is a lesson here.



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1 thought on “Senator Moise Jean Charles talks garbage – yet again-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. When are we going to settle a commitment to handle Haiti’s case?We are so tired with this situation.Be serious, can we keep going to tolerate a situation where animals are acting under the label of human beings?

    No, we need to do something to stop that.Haiti is so special as nation and country to be manage like that.Any way, each Hhaitian has the right to live freely.According to our constitution, once someone touch the Haitian soil, he is freed.Howerver, somehow, we need to fix what must be fixed.

    There is a list of Haitian citizen who must be corrected by lawfully actions.The government of Haiti must schedule a plan of actions to stop officials or people who are responsible for their actions.

    By any means,the justice system must act.

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