Second week of violence at UEH- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - FLASH : Second week of violence at UEH

Haiti Libre:

The facilities of the Rectorate of the State University of Haiti (UEH) were again victims of violence. On the morning of 28 March, individuals identified as former occupants of the Rectorate and of the Post-Graduate Directorate, dismissed from the institution, attacked the premises with stones, broke windows and provoked a generale panic.

Private and public vehicles were severely damaged. The presence of Samuel Morancy and Pierre Walkens Clerismé alias “Ti Pyè”, two of the 19 students expelled from UEH has been observed.

It should be remembered that these students, troublemakers are being prosecuted, after the legal finding of numerous thefts and acts of vandalism perpetrated during the 6 months of occupation of the premises of the UEH
Let’s recall that one week before the attack, on March 22, these former students, assisted by several unidentified individuals, attempted to sequester two members of the Coordinating Council of the Faculty of Human Sciences after setting fire to used tires in the courtyard of the Faculty… They then struck and stripped of all their property, the security agents stationed.

The legal counsel of the Rectorate will take the necessary steps to launch a new legal prosecution against these breakers.

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Let’s get serious.
These guys caused major problems before.
Problems that should have been ended instantly.
Instead, the dragged out for a long time.
Someone should use a baseball bat on their knee-caps next time they show up.
Enough is enough.


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