Second Day of trial for Amaral Duclona

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Haiti - Justice : Second Day of trial for Amaral Duclona

Tuesday, to the second day of trial, of the Haitian gang leader of « chimères » Amaral Duclona, aka “Berthone Jolicoeur” accused of the kidnapping, sequestration and the death of a Franco-Haitian entrepreneur, Claude Bernard Lauture [opposed to the Aristide regime] , the Assize Court of Paris has heard the testimonials of Thierry Burkard, former Ambassador of France in Haiti (2003-2006) and that of Marie-Louise Michelle, widow of the victim at the origin of the complaint in France against “Berthone Jolicoeur”.

Thierry Burkard, describió los horrores del fin del régimen de Aristide, apoyado por quimeras armados [the chimères], that sowed terror, comparing theml to the militias “Tontons Macoutes” of the Duvalier regime, telling the court that “the ‘chimères’ […] armed by the regime [Aristide] had their entries at the Presidential Palace where they took their orders and received money,” describing the repressive actions of the “chimères” against opponents of the regime.

In his testimony, Marie-Louise Michelle told the court “I am convinced that removal of my husband was remotely controlled by Jean-Bertrand Aristide and executed by Amaral Duclona.”

Recalling that her husband had chosen shortly before his kidnapping to engage with opponents of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, in the group of 184 “He said, if the upper class does not undertake to change the social contract in Haiti nothing will ever change in this country. And when it is committed against the excesses of the Aristide government, many have said, we will follow him.”

She related the attempts of the Aristide government to “seduce” her husband by offering positions in Government [Ministry of Public Works, Director General of the EDH…] Having failed in these attempts, the threats began, citing fire on his car, telephone intimidation until kidnapping and death of her husband “By filing a complaint, I knew I crossed a bridge […] That there would be no return for me in Haiti, as long Aristide is alive.”


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  1. French are said to be pressing Americans to unseal indictments against Aristide and his associates. The dossiers have been pending, for some time, blocked some say, by the Clintons.

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