Scientology, Accused of Snooping on Celebs, Lashes Out at Anderson Cooper-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Scientology, Accused of Snooping  on Celebs,  Lashes Out at Anderson CooperCult leaders are worried about defector Amy Scobee’s new book, out later this month, which alleges that church leaders snoop in celebrity files for fun. Responding, in the Daily News, spokesman Tommy Davis also spared some ire for Anderson Cooper.

The story, in the Rush and Molloy gossip column, alleges that the ‘church’ leader David Miscavige (pictured here and always referred to by members, somewhat creepily as ‘Mr David Miscavige‘) snooped through files of dirt he keeps on celebrities. Apparently he giggled like a kid at the revelations in Lisa Marie Presley’s dossier.

Scobee, via Rush and Molloy, also claims that:

· Miscavige prides himself on having memorized “the sexual irregularities of practically every staff member” at one facility.

· He also once dressed his dog, Jellie, in an officer’s uniform because he felt that the beagle could do a better job than his staff. They had to salute the dog.

· Officials question Scientologist staff members who work for celebrities to check they are not deviating from the cult’s moral code.

Responding to the claims, creepy church spokesperson Tommy Davis said he’s “fed up” with all the coverage church defectors get, including a recent investigation on Anderson Cooper 360. “[Our members] are going to Haiti,” he told the Daily News, “spending millions to charter planes to fly in supplies and doctors and nurses,” says Davis. “All the while Anderson Cooper is in his designer T-shirts, just standing around, while we’re helping people for real.”

Of course it’s not that simple. The Scientologists ‘help’ often involves trying to heal people through touch. Accounts we have heard imply that they were, when the earthquake struck, dangerously unprepared. Our source said at the time:

…they brought the weirdness of touch healing into a very superstitious society. They’d leave the tent and come into the general hospital downtown, and try healing people. One of the doctors and one of the nurses told me that the wounded started coming to them to tell them they didn’t want to be treated by the people in the yellow shirts.

One nurse told me that the Scientologists actually caused harm – they gave food to people who were scheduled to go into surgery. That then led to complications in the operating theater. C:\Users\Haitipro\Pictures\2010-03-25 MARCH 25 MISC\SCIENTOLOGY AT  AIMER HAITI.JPG



SCIENTOLOGY is a frightening organization.

I can remember completing a TV series at a LA studio where a friend of mine Ron Bryan was busy editing some footage for the local SCIENTOLOGY  office.   He was adding special effects and music to the partially finished tape presentation.  As his project progressed, he became somewhat agitated, but could not speak to anyone because one of the SCIENTOLOGY people stayed with him every minute, even when he went to the bathroom.  (The watcher stood outside the door.) This pre-dated cell phones, by the way.

When the editing process was completed the SCIENTOLOGY guys looked into each and every machine, taking all of the editing material, and the final tape.

They overlooked the system, in the studio, that always backed up everything in case of a melt-down.

Ron then showed me this tape and asked what should be done with it.

The presentation showed a bunch of SCIENTOLOGY leaders dressed in uniforms resembling those worn by the Nazis during World War Two. They were assembled in front of a dias where leaders spoke to them. Behind the dias was a huge “big brother” photo of Hubbard, SCIENTOLOGY’s founder.

Whenever they stood to cheer they offerered Nazi salutes, right arms extended upwards.

I passed the ¾ inch tape along to the F.B.I.

Now, recently in Haiti, I came across dozens of SCIENTOLOGY people swarming all over various locations, all wearing long-sleeved T-shirts with SCIENTOLOGY on the backs. They would take all sorts of photos of themselves doing miracles. I would assume that they would use these to take credit for whatever projects they photographed.

I have attached a picture of a swarm arriving at an emergency hospital in Port-au-Prince where they ran around claiming they could cure people’s injuries and illnesses with the mere touch of a hand.

Very frightening and irresponsible in a land of the needy and supersticious.


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  1. We had a bunch of Scientology guys arrive at our charity project. We tol them they were welcome but they couldn’t wear anything other than our t-shirts, or plain ones.

    They left and went elsewhere.

    You are right about one thing. They were posing all sort of shots, with their guys in Scientology T-shirts as the heroes.

    I am waiting to see our mission being shown as a Scientology project.

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