May 29, 2011

The Daniel Rouzier Prime Ministership comes to a vote in the Chamber of Deputies, and Senate tomorrow..If INITE pushes for the things mentioned, Martelly and Rouzier might just as well quit now.

Senators Jean Hector Anacacis and Moise Jean Charles (INITE), members of the majority bloc in Parliament want  important ministerial positions -Finance, Public Works, Justice-otherwise they will not ratify the policy statement of Mr. Rouzier.

Finance, Public Works, and Justice effectively controls the nation.

Everyone stood by while Preval stole Parliament and moved to steal the presidency. Now he has transmitted threats to Franck Cine to the effect that his holding of HAITIEL is all right…however, if he seeks justice for the Preval initiated break-down and theft of his SOCABANK, Cine will be killed.

It is time for the international community to remove Preval from the game. A Simple indictment for cocaine-trafficking into the States would do. Or, an extradition for the murder of the French Consul.

Perhaps the Americans will finally use some pressure on the criminal in Parliament. America has  DEA dossiers on several key problem senators and deputies. They should be indicted, removing them from the game. Others who attempt to screw Martelly up should lose their visas – FOREVER.

And, any Martelly associates, who attempt to make money from their positions should face the same fate. In has been rumored that Georges Sassine has been offering government position on a pay-to-play basis.

Someone mentioned the figure of $1,000,000 to head APN. I hope that is just a rumor. The present APN guy is pretty good, even if he paid Jude Celestin a lot during the Preval presidency.

Looks like the same game with different players.

A sad outcome for the people of Haiti.


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  1. Aristide and Preval are behind the coup.Everyday, they hold meetings at Aristide’s house to prepare a coup against Martelly.It is time to stop these criminels for ever.

    Nou pa genyen pou nou nan chire oit avek yo toujou.Martelly genyen nan men l anpil zel kat datou pou li genyen jwet la.

    1- Dosye drog la. Sa fe lontan ke DEA ap cheche kolaborasyon pouvwa Potoprens la pou li netwaye zile a, li pa t jwenn sa nan men gouvenman Preval la. Kounyeya se yon bon moman pou Martelly ofri sipo li bay kidedwa pou mete neg yo nan wol yo.

    Sankwa, peyi a pap fe yon pa Nago, yon pa Kita. Martelly ta dwe dako avek tout sa neg yo mande.Fe yo adrese demand ak kondisyob yo sou papye tenbre. Ba yo repons ke yo vle tande yo nan bouch epi kite yo fini, apresa, enstale vre minis yo nan plas yo, chouta tout malandren ke Inite rekomande yo epi arete yo otut pou koripsyon ak tantativ planifikasyon ak konplo kont lasirete ekonomik peyi a.ePI kondane pou travo fose.

    Nou bouke avek klima koripsyon sa a.Sa dwe fini.

  2. Unfortunately, the American and French governments will not remove these diseases from our system.

    Preval should be extradited to France for the murder of their Consul.

    Both He and Aristide should be taken to American for trial on drug charges.

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