Reed Brody Counsel and Spokesperson-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

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Reed Brody is Counsel and Spokesperson for Human Rights Watch. His work as lead counsel for the victims in the case of the exiled former dictator of Chad, Hissène Habré– who faces trial in Senegal – and in the cases of Augusto Pinochet and Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier has been featured in four films, including “The Dictator Hunter”. He is author of four Human Rights Watch reports on U.S. treatment of prisoners in the “war on terror” and the book “Faut-il Juger George Bush?” Before joining Human Rights Watch, he led United Nations teams investigating massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo and monitoring human rights in El Salvador, and he helped to prosecute human rights crimes in Haiti. He coordinated the International Commission of Jurists report “Tibet: Human Rights and the Rule of Law.” His 1984 investigation uncovered atrocities by the U.S.-backed “contras” against Nicaraguan civilians. His work has been profiled in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Le Monde.

Human Rights Watch Reports:



This guy has a somewhat biased mission.

Read all of the items and there is absolutely no mention of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the guy who had more than 32 people necklaced, and hundreds murdered, on top of his massive cocaine business and plundering of Haiti’s treasury.  He also forgets about Rene Preval.

And his key Hero in the Duvalier case is Bobby Duval, the guy who attempted to set of a bomb to assasinate Jean Claude Duvalier, and God knows how many other people. He was a terrorist, plain and simple, not a hero.

For this he got 17 months in jail.

Hug a kid in Miami and they give you 20 years for child molestation.

Look at the photo. Brody looks like a nutter!!

Where does the world find dorks like Reed Brody??


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  1. Looks like a guy from a Post Office Wanted Poster.

    Perhaps an escapee from a mental institute?


    Perhaps he will hug a child in Miami and solve our problem.

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