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Haiti - FLASH : Recruitment for the new army is approaching

A modest 135 million Gourdes was finally added to the budget of the Ministry of Defense to enable it to begin recruiting young people for the new Haitian armed force.

This budget of 512 million Gdes of the Ministry, of which 25 million envisaged for the investments, inscribed in the law of finance 2017-2018 was deposited in the Chamber of Deputies Friday .
Let us recall that the initial budget submitted by the Minister was 1 billion Gourdes and was to allow the recruitment of 500 young recruits this year “[…] I had to make corrections in my projections, but I will move forwar,” nevertheless said Hervé Denis, the Minister of Defense, without specifying how young he can recruit with budget cuts by half…

Minister Denis indicated that he would also check among the former senior officers of the FADH those who could be recruited for the training of the recruits. He stressed that these former soldiers will be subjected to a background investigation beforehand to ensure that they have nothing to blame, adding that some of them could also join the high-level staff of the new defense force of Haiti.

It should be remembered that 150 Haitian soldiers of the corps of engineers, trained abroad are already in operation in Haiti.



A renewed FAdH or a group with a new name, can play an important part in Haiti’s future.

I June, 1992 Colonel Pat Collins, the embassy Military Attache, co-wrote a White Paper on how the FAdH could become an Army of the People. This was the basis for Aristide’s return. Unfortunately, Aristide did not want the threat of an independent FAdH, protecting peoples’ rights, and our Constitution. So Aristide illegally disbanded the FAdH which still remains a Constitutional entity.

Jovenel must be careful what he creates.

It can become a Saviour – or a Frankenstein Monster.


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