May 9, 2015

Many believe the removal of Pamela White, as the pro-Martelly American Ambassador, is the first shot on Martelly in an effort to get the Democratic Process, back on track.

Many Haitians believe – with some reason – that Ambassador White took Sophia Martelly’s side, when she should have been taking care of the Haitian people’s best interests.

The two subjects are not the same.

No one could understand Ambassador White’s acquiescence to the removal of Prime Minister Lamothe, to be replaced by a known murderer/terrorist Evans Paul.  It was Paul who derailed the electoral process, in 1990, when he, with the French embassy, put the Mob on the streets at 11 A.M. voting day, effectively ending the process, not due to end until 6 P.M.

Paul was also responsible for the attack on Haiti’s Papal residence in which the Nunce was humiliated, his associate murdered and his nuns repeatedly raped by the Mob.

Paul was then responsible for the massacre of some 247 supporters of Roger Lafontant, in January, 1991 – probably at the instigation of Aristide, his boss at the time.

During a later government, Paul was allowed the choice of Minister of Commerce. He put his mistress in power and then beat her, in her office, when she wasn’t stealing enough.

Now the same lady is his Chief of Cabinet in the Primature!  They are stealing everything – Doing nothing!

Now, Paul has blocked all projects initiated by Lamothe, saying these were just “show business.” This stupidity has created uncertainty, throughout the international community.

Is Haiti really open for business?

Prime Minister Paul is an incompetent thief.

He was Sophia’s choice to derail the Lamothe team.

Paul has proved to be an embarrassment for Haiti, with the International Community. He has been actively blocking the electoral process in a way that will guarantee failure of the plans to have a ballot this year.

Paul also has plans to become President – along with 1,000 others, at last count.

Seems as though Paul now wants to be paid $6,000,000 to step down.
We should use Evans Paul’s long-standing approach to problem solving. Send a few heavies to break his legs and Paul will scurry for the exit like a trapped rat.

A new broom sweeps clean: Perhaps Ambassador Peter Mulrean can save the Haitian people from their criminal leaders.

Let them have an election, carefully monitored, in which the majority really gets to express its true feelings.

Enough is enough!!

Give discharges to everyone and let the people decide.


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  1. Pamela White is rumored to have had an intimate association with both Sophia and Michel. A grotesque thought, if true.

    Time to give Pamela White a polygraph asking two or three questions.

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