President Moïse presents the results of his first year in office

Haiti - Politic : President Moïse presents the results of his first year in office

Tuesday at the National Palace, on the eve of the end of his first year in power, President Jovenel Moïse at a press conference presented his record and awarded himself a good report, claiming to have worked to put Haiti on the path of change and development, give hope to the people and put the country on the investment map.

In addition to major infrastructure projects, during this first year, he stressed that the country has taken an important step in the prevention and fight against corruption, thanks to the many measures adopted “[…] This year, we have saved several hundreds of millions of gourdes dilapidated in the zombies checks in several departments […] We saved more than 500 million gourdes in the country […] We proceeded to the arrest of 27 people. Justice has sealed business with companies that used to change government checks […]”

He recalled the progress made in the field of environmental rehabilitation and the establishment of 6 of the 14 plant propagation centers, germplasm across the country, 2 of which are almost complete “According to one study, 63 million trees are planted per year in order to reach 45% of vegetation cover (without specifying the period). We are working on integrating reforestation into the school curriculum,” said the Head of State without mentioning the number of years to achieve this goal. Highlighting an important component of this major project that aims to integrate young people by including in the school curriculum, from the academic year 2018-2019, courses on the environmental issue.

He also recalled the creation of the Centers for Reception and Delivery of Identity Documents (CRLDI), 22 of which are already operational across the country and the “Konte m mwen konte” program,  that consist to give newborns a unique national identification number for life and to give a birth certificate to those who do not have a birth certificate, measures that will allow better control of demography to facilitate actions of State.

Asked about the job creation generated by the Caravan of Change, he was not able to communicate figures explaining “[…] My team is working to provide me with the exact number of temporary and permanent jobs generated by caravan. This data will be communicated to you in due course […]”

On the energy issue he insisted on the need to supply the country with electricity and informed that calls for expressions of interest have already been launched for cities with low electricity consumption while waiting for those planned for cities with high consumption. Meanwhile, other cleaner sources of energy will continue to be explored by the Haitian state
He promised that at the end of his five-year term, there will be an improvement in the indicators that are in the red among others in the fields of energy, drinking water, health, education, the environment, etc…

In terms of education, he promised to work during his term of office to fill the gap of 15,000 classrooms that the education system has to face in order to better fight against social exclusion.

He also announced the launch of a caravan in the next three months, to identify all Haitians without exception…

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