President Martelly to Abandon Haiti for a 10-Day Tour Through Europe, Leaving the Nation Without a Functioning Government

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti –   Martelly, will abandon Haiti this Wednesday, July 6, for a European tour of 10 days visiting, Spain, France, Belgium and Great Britain and other countries..

Martelly, yet to have a government of his own, will meet with the Heads of States   potential investors.

The main objective is to find economic and financial opportunities for the revival of the national economy, the President intends to motivate investors, reassure the traditional donors and to encourage tourists and potential consumers to have confidence in the “brand” Haiti….in spite of the fact that he has shown a total lack of leadership and should be spending this time creating a government, and stability that will attract investors.

The concept of a European tour, with Haiti in its present, desperate instability, will be viewed by other heads of state as a prime example of irresponsibility.

Martelly will apply the old “out of sight, out of mind” concept. By being somewhere else, he can forget the disastrous, and dangerous situation in which Haiti finds itself, mainly because of Martelly’s continuous stupidity in dealing with parliament and negotiating acceptance of a new Prime Minister.

Martelly will now demonstrate his incompetence on the international stage.

Another embarrassment for Haiti


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6 thoughts on “President Martelly to Abandon Haiti for a 10-Day Tour Through Europe, Leaving the Nation Without a Functioning Government

  1. how true, failure to restructure this country will lead to evermore catastrophic failures. this country is being run by idiots and crooks like the mayard-pauls and al.

  2. Your illustration is perfection.

    Who would want to invest in a sinking ship?

    Martelly’s ship is sinking, or already drowned.

    Unfortunately the ship’s name is HAITI.

  3. Good job, president! Forget about these senators and deputies.They are gangsters.They kidnap the country.Let them play their game.At last, the people will shut down the parliament and fire them all.

    Lead the country by yourself.Keep moving. Do not play their game.Instruction the minister of finance to do not release any pay check to them.Stop paying them until the set the country free.

    Put them in a position where everyone will realize the fact.Instruct the high command of PNH to be ready to clean the mess.The people needs job,and development, but not politic game.
    Let the drug dealers and kidnappers play their game for their own destruction.

    Go ahead, my friend.Let them behind.

  4. Parliament should be disolved
    But Martelly must get some real advisers and get rid of people like the Mayard Pauls.

  5. Martelly was given the opportune to make up for past errors.

    After making millions with his father and brother in law with cocaine, details of this contained in American dossier, he could have done much to save Haiti. Instead he makes a fool of himself and Haitians.

    He has wasted lives and our reputation. We may never recover.

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