May 28, 2013

Daily meetings in Palace, chaired by Anne-Valerie Milfort’s, mother’s boyfriend Vincent…..aimed at buying support for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s removal.

I know that sounds complicated but, in Haiti, it is always some sort of family involvement.

Many promises have been made, each of these promises a threat to the democratic government, of Haiti, and, more importantly, the National Treasury!!

Hundreds of millions of dollars will be siphoned off by this team, and its whores, if they are successful in their move against Lamothe, a threat to many personal criminal schemes if his anti-corruption government survives.

Steven Benoit has received many promises that will damage the Nation, with absolutely no positive result.

And there is a strong rumour that Senators Lambert and Maxime Roumer, the Martelly guy from Grande Anse, have joined the Benoit team.

The fact that Sophia Martelly hates Laurent Lamothe has never been a secret. The fact that Sophia Martelly wants to install the incompetent Valerie Milfort as Prime Minister is not a secret.

Greed, Ego  and Hate are powerful motivators.

Others, eager for the bribes available, are keen to re-install Martelly’s cousin Max Bellerive as Prime Minister, the author of Haiti’s  $350,000,000 criminal contract deal with Senator Bautista of the Dominican Republic.

The one secret we must wonder about is how President Michel Martelly does not know of the supposed secret dealings, held within his National Palace.

Unless someone does something, we are in danger of losing the foundation of President Michel Martelly’s government. Without Lamothe, Martelly will become vulnerable, and fail.

This plays into the hands of another cabal, waiting in the wings, to replace Martelly with Garry Conille, and his promises that appeal to their greed, including the release of half of Haiti’s reserves, $1,500,000,000 which will be released for “projects” which means the money will be stolen.

We are not optimistic.

Haiti, and its 9,000,000 unrepresented poor people are about to be screwed again.


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  1. It is simple blackmail.Benoit has promised to forget the $33,000,000 stolen by Bellerive and shared with Martelly if Lamothe goes and replaced with other.Bellerive a possibility with Milfort as another.What about Petro Caraibe $198,000,000? and Preval.Non of these possible without active participations of Bank Governor and many others.
    Remove Lamothe and much will remain buried.

  2. Quand le voleur et corrompu sénateur Steven Benoit ne connaît pas la loi

    Le senateur corrompu ,voleur du nom de Steven Benoit declare à un frère de ses collègues que le poste de directeur de l’ONA sera donné comme Deal à un parent à lui si il arrive à renverser le gouvernement.

    Ce voleur a promis à 4 autres personnes ayant des liens etroits avec lui et parents des senateurs frustrés qu’ils auront les directions suivantes : 1)Immigration , 2)Douanes de Saint Marc , 3) Ministere de l’Environnement . 4)DCPR (Direction Centrale de Police Routiere)communément appellée Circulation.

    Donc voila pourquoi le corrompu senateur Steven Iverson Benoit veut destabiliser le gouvernement.
    A noter que 24 autres postes sont promis à Steven Benoit pour realiser le complot de destabilisation du gouvernement.Parmi ces postes dont 10 dans la diplomatie haïtienne , 5 dans la Primature haïtienne et 9 dans les ministeres .

    Steven Benoit = Machan’n peyi
    Cette information vient de la Rue Marcadieu ou une reunion vient de prendre fin maintenant à 9 hrs P.M. La reunion a commence avant 8h PM.Donc environ 1 heure de temps. 12 personnes ont pris part dont 5 sont affectées au Palais National.

    Pierre Louis Mozart

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