Orphanage Built in Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth


Haiti – “When you see the abject poverty you get a little depressed. You have it better than they do. Then you try to muster up some actions that will help,” said retired RGH Dr. Dick Gangemi, as his weekend trip to Haiti with 13 others came to an end. Help they did. The group which represents Intervol, RGH, and Constellation Brands spent the weekend helping to finish an orphanage for 46 children in Leogane, Haiti. The director of Intervol, Dr. Ralph Pennino, learned of the need for an orphanage after the earthquake in 2010. The children, along with the Pastor and his wife who’d been running it had been sleeping in tents and two huts where 7-10 children sleep, sometimes 2 or 3 to a bed. Soon, they will move into the 3 clapboard buildings that make up the orphanage. “Merci. Thank you”, said the pastor to the group. But most of the group left thanking him and feeling very emotional about the trip. “It’s very impressive”, said Dr. Tim O’Connor through tears. “It’s a privilege, really”. See the orphanage and local doctors making a difference Thursday and Friday on FOX Rochester and 13WHAM


Orphan and Orphanage have a nice ring to them.

In actual fact, there are few orphans in Haiti. Children are absorbed into their family circles.

However, there are many, many cases of poverty in which a child is better in fomr foreigner’s operation, than at home.

Make the kids’ lives better and gives the donors a warm fuzzy feeling.

Everyone benefits.


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