New Haiti Marriott to Top Off Construction “Soon” in Port-au-Prince -Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Above: a rendering of the Haiti Marriott

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The new Digicel-developed Marriott hotel in Haiti will soon be topping off construction, the company announced this week.

Topping off is the ceremonial last placement of a beam at the top of a building. The project is slated to open in February 2015.

The $45 million project, which is located in Port-au-Prince, is one of a wave of new hotels that have either already opened or are on track to open.

Marriott is working with Haiti’s Ministry of Tourism to select a group of young Haitians to work internships at the JW Marriott in the Dominican Republic.

That group will begin working at the property when it opens later this year. The plan is for them ultimately to return to Haiti to be a member of hotel team at the Haiti Marriott when it debuts.

The 175-room Marriott project, which broke ground at the end of 2012, is being designed and built by regional telecom giant Digicel.

Turgeau Developments SA is the operating company, in which Digicel is the investment partner.

The property will have five suites, a casual restaurant, a swimming pool and a “great room lobby,” according to Marriott.

Digicel Chairman Denis O’Brien is the chairman of the Haiti Action Network for the Clinton Global Initiative, which helpe facilitate the partnership between Digicel and Marriott.


A truly bizarre project!

In real estate they say there are only three factors that are important in creating a business…LOCATION… LOCATION… AND, LOCATION!!!!

Denis O’Brien’s Marriot hotel does not have anything to do with LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION since it is built in a near slum location with no amenities. In a nation, with beautiful beaches, one must wonder at the minds behind the three luxury hotel projects, based in the worst areas of Petion-Ville – miles from the sea or any other saving factor.

The OASIS – touted as a 5 Start Hotel, without real Room Service or even a soda machine, in a hallway, for guests to get an after hour drink….. is on the verge of shut-down. Rooms are being sealed. The restaurant is still open. The high end shops unvisited.

It sits in a very unattractive area, fronting on some low end shops and a service station.

An investment. Money laundering, or what?

And these places think they can command $300 USD per night!

If you sit down with a calculator and work out the occupancy requirements, to just cover interest costs on the investments… you will see the impossibility of the situation.

The entire tourist concept, in Haiti, must be revisited.

Of course, these hotels could be converted into hospitals, when they fail to return any sort of profit.


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  1. I thought Marriot and Best Western did market studies before they became involved with projects.

    I guess I was wrong.

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