New advisory on travel to Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – The U.S. State Department no longer urges American citizens to avoid all travel to Haiti, but says they should still “carefully consider” before traveling to the island.

The new travel warning issued Monday softens language from one released in January, when the country was suffering election-related violence, that “strongly urged” citizens to avoid all travel.

The current one cites crime, a renewed cholera outbreak, and an inadequate infrastructure as concerns.

The revised advisory comes as Haiti’s new president, Michel Martelly, struggles to install a government and take charge of rebuilding Haiti after last year’s earthquake.

The amended warning also takes into account a second surge in cholera, which has killed more than 5,800 people since October, according to the Health Ministry. – AP



The travel warning is still an insult to Haiti.

Those who live here know which areas to avoid…same goes for those who live in Chicago, Washington, Dallas, Los Angeles………. Ottumwa, Iowa. You stay away from where the trouble is. And, if you have to go to the troubled areas, you take precautions and have no problems.

You can go absolutely anywhere in Haiti, if you simply use common sense.

The travel advisory, even the amended one, makes it sound like bullet-proof cars, vests  and machine-guns are the order of the day.

Traffic jams and people selling bad wood carvings and paintings are the greatest threat. Haitians are the most charming, welcoming people in the world.

It is not their fault that the American government’s interference in their affairs has screwed their lives up.

Let’s give them the break they deserve.


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