2 thoughts on “Nan yon spòt kanpay, plizyè komedyen Ayisyen bay Jude Célestin ti non gate “22/22″. Ki vle di 22 pitit ak 22 manman. Ki sa w pase de sa?

  1. Jude Celestin was barred from the last election because of involvement with assassin Amarol Duclona. When the police started to close in on Duclona, because of evidence showing he murdered the Haitian CNE head, Robert Moreno, and then took his place, as chief of CNE, in order to pull off a $100,000,000 crime in which the Preval bought $50,000,000 of used equipment and billed the government for $100,000,000 new equipment. Duclona also assassinated, among others, a French Consul.

    When the police closed in the hid Duclona in Preval’s sister’s house until Jude Celestin obtained a false passport, for Duclona, in the name of Innocent. Celestin then smuggled Duclona into the Dominican Republic and got him a condo.

    Over the months, Celestin transferred money to Duclona/Innocent, via Western Union.

    Duclona is now in a French prison where he has spilled his guts, involving both Celestin, Aristide and Rene Preval in several murders.

    Celestin’ involvement in murder, massive heft and involvement with the cocaine trade, was too much for the international community.

    Why he was allowed on the ballot this time is a mystery.

    So far as the IGARAPE Organization comment upon our recent ballot, this group was paid several million dollars in order to produce their “off the wall” results. This Brazilian organization should produce those who carried out the survey. I will pay for a polygraph, and the TRUTH will be known.

    They are liars, attempting to assist others in the destabilization of Haiti!!

    When the December vote is completed, we will see who is the most popular.


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