More than 129,000 Haitians have left DR in 8 months

Haiti - Social : More than 129,000 Haitians have left DR in 8 months


According to information released by the Dominican General Directorate of Migration in the last 8 months more than 129,000 illegal immigrants of Haitian origin, have left the Dominican Republic to return to Haiti, most of these returnees, under a voluntary form.

The document of the DGM explains that of that number, 15,863 nationals of different countries were repatriated because they were not part of the National Plan of Regularization of Foreigners and not having immigration documents required by Law 285-04 which regulates the migration to the Dominican Republic.

15,754 were Haitians, 54 Cubans and 55 of various nationalities. Of these 15.082 were men and 779 women, all were returned to their respective countries of origin. Haitians and other foreigners repatriated have been treated in the various reception centers run by migration, 3,650 (Santiago) ; 3,187 (Haina) ; 4,238 (Dajabón) ; 2,357 (Elias Piña) ; 2,118 (Jimaní) and 313 (Benerito). All have received transportation assistance and food from DGM.

Monthly distribution : August 2015 (750); September (2,837); October (4,540); November (4,840); December (1,531) and January 2016 (1,365)

Besides the Haitian and Cuban of nationals from Albania, Belgium, Colombia, Bolivia, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Kosovo, Iraq, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Georgia, Czechoslovakia and China have been expelled from the Dominican territory for improper immigration status.

Furthermore, from June 2015 to January 2016, 113,320 Haitian nationals (59.969 men and 30.065 women and 23.286 children) voluntarily left Dominican territory by the various official border points (88.266 by Dajabón; 11.615 by Elías Piña; 9,516 by Jimaní and 3,923 by Pedernales) with assistance in the transportation and food in many cases.

Monthly distribution : June 2015 (27.158); July (35.353); August (16.302); September (11.889); October (7.176); November (3.972); December (10,940) and January 2016 (530).

To this must be added for the period from 11 September 2015 to 10 January 2016, in coordination with the army of the Dominican Republic and the Cuerpo Especializado en Seguridad Fronteriza y Terrestre (CESFRONT), that the DGM prevented from entering the country to 7,817 foreign predominantly of Haitian origin (5,633 men, 667 women and 1,517 minors), who attempted to enter Dominican territory without proper documentation (Dajabón, 5,123 ; Pedernales 1,244 ; Elías Pina 1,212 and Jimaní 238).

DMG claims to work in compliance with the 285-04 law (which regulates migration to the Dominican Republic) and act on the instructions of President Danilo Medina, in the respect of human rights, for the persons concerned.

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