Montreal Concert By Former Haitian President Canceled After Possible Protests


MONTREAL (CelebrityAccess) A controversial concert by former Haitian President Michael Martelly, who would be performing as his musical counterpart, Sweet Micky, in Montreal on Friday, was called off at the last second.

The show’s promoter, Carl-Edward Osias, confirmed the cancellation to the Canadian Press but did not want to explain the reasons behind it, saying he would leave that to Martelly to discuss.

Critics had called upon municipal and federal authorities to block the show because of misogynistic comments made by Martelly plus alleged complicity in corruption scandals. Osias said earlier in the week that protests being organized against the concert were fueled by Martelly’s political opponents.

Martelly was one of Haiti’s best-known musicians for more than a decade. As a singer and keyboardist, “Sweet Micky” was known for his Kompa music, a style of Haitian dance music usually using the Haitian Creole language.





Canada should be embarrassed.

The thought of Canadians – real Canadians – barring Martelly because of his stage persona is laughable.

A generation ago, Canadian stand up comedian, George Carlin, broke all barriers for stage obscenity that makes today’s Sweet Mickey look like a Junior High School act.



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