February 18, 2011

I can remember   you told Marc Bazin, when he was in the palace…”In an election you do anything to win. If you have to sell your mother, sell her. After you win, you can buy her back…”  Of course, I always wondered what would happen if the mother seller lost, as did Marc Bazin. I suppose his mother would be in bondage forever but the Martc Bazin I knew would not worry about that.

You and Leslie were once viewed as people with integrity, (probably wrongly),  but you had the outward image. Now you have abandoned  any small grasp of integrity that you possessed, in a final, mad dash for power

The public will hold a low class whore, who is at least trying to feed her children, in higher regard than you, a graduate of the Sorbonne who does tricks for 50 centimes, a few dollars from Preval, an armored car, home improvements and a 20 year retroactive pension for Leslie.

Preval bought and paid for you. We know he has a preference for oral sex since his prostate has eliminated other concepts, as has your own advanced age,  but that’s ok. You agreed to violate the will of your people in a selfish grab for power. You have surrounded yourself with the garbage of Haitian society, cocaine traffickers, known as such to the international community, another band of whores. Anthony St. Pierre, with a partner/cousin locked up in the States for cocaine crimes. St. Pierre is on the DEA  arrest list and may be taken at any time …and you plan to make him Prime Minister!  Eric Jean-Baptiste, another cocaine millionaire and, of course, Youri Latortue, known for his cocaine cash.

When the first ballot was obviously false, you stood up and stated the ballot boxes were stuffed before the voting started. When Preval told you – a lie – that you were in the lead, you abandoned the other candidates in a ruthless, greedy, selfish, criminal grab for the brass ring.

We didn’t expect much more from Martelly, and were not disappointed. He reacted as programmed by his own environment. He has his own cocaine connections in the form of Jacques Ketant, (Aristide’s coordinater of cocaine)  Senator Joseph Lambert and Jacmel’s Zenny.

I suppose that an old lady, with one foot in the grave, feels that the power is worth any risk and sacrifice of principle. But, again, what will your grandchildren think when they see the historical truth of your actions?

You are an embarrassment for the present, and future generations of young people.


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  1. I can only say if you did not reveal who you are as the author you are lying. You are most likely a drug dealer, rapist and thief yourself.

    That was a low blow. You should be ashame of yourself for writing such filth.

    1. Nicole- All articles in the “Daily Reports” section are written by Mr. Collins.
      Look at the About Me page before slinging insults.

  2. Nicole

    Mirlande Manigat IS an embarrassment to our community.

    She is abandoning all she and Lesly stood for in a way that I cannot understand, having worked with both over the years.

    Colonel Collins might be colorful in his prose, but you sometimes have to take a crass shot in order to get a point across.

    She has taken Preval’s money and has publicly admitted this, or haven’t you been listening to Radio Signal FM, Karibe, Metropole of other stations?

    There is a nation at stake here, not just an old lady’s reputation, which seems to have diminished over the past few months. Lives will be lost, because of her selfishness. Watch what happens over the next three weeks and remember that she could have avoided these deaths by calling for a new election.

    There is no low blow if the blow saves one Haitian life.

  3. Nicole, I was in the battle against drugs until I realized the US Government is not serious about stopping the flow.

    I didn’t suggest that Mirlande Manigat is a rapist or a thief, so the comparison is rather strange, unless you know something that I have missed.

    I have known the Manigats since 1987 and, until recently, had some respect for the couple. It was a major mistake to have removed Manigat from the presidency in 1988. Had he completed his term, Haiti would not be in the present situation.

    But that is the distant past and we must now face a situation in which Mirlande Manigat – with the Group of 12 – stood up and became – for a very short time – their most vocal fighter…claiming that ballot boxes were stuffed before the polls opened. (And this was true.) I was there and heard her say this but now she denies this. In fact, I have a recording of the proceedings that day and her words are sharp and clear.

    She has become an opportunist, in her old age, forgetting her fellow Haitians, who did not attend the Sorbonne, and struggle each day for a few scraps to feed their children.

    However, Nicole, thanks for visiting the site.

    There are some truths to be found here. All of them will not be to your liking, or mine…but that is the basic nature of truth.


  4. Mirlande Manigat is really a national disgrace.

    She is everything bad about the process democratic.

    But then most of our leaders are – like her – whores of one sort or another.

    All about power and money nothing for the people

  5. I recall when Preval and reporter Delva’s wife was caught in embarassment. Preval was going to kill Delva.

    Thoughts of Manigat and Preval are frightening and make me consider abstaining forever.

    Haiti is being scrwed in an many ways.

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