January 12, 2020
I received this video from Sophia Martelly and have just completed watching it.
I have tears in my eyes, and memories in my heart from that terrible minute, on January 12, 2010, that killed Haiti.
When the disaster struck, I was sitting at my computer at a location in Petion-Ville. Luck was with me and our building was not damaged. However, as I looked out across downtown Port-au-Prince a dust cloud was rising from the ground to about 200 feet to cover our metro area.
We drove downtown, the following day, with some medical supplies and witnessed destruction mirroring Berlin in May, 1945.
I will never be the same.
The memories are as vivid today, as on that day so long ago.

I can remember visiting the mass burial site at Titanyen, where truckloads of bodies were unceremoniously dumped into huge holes
Watch the video of Michel Martelly, as he to remembers that time from which we have never really recovered.

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