Michaëlle Jean in Haiti

Haiti - Reconstruction : Michaëlle Jean in Haiti

Michaëlle Jean, UNESCO Special Envoy for Haiti, begins this Tuesday, April 2 a one-week mission in Haiti, where she will guides members of the Institute NOW in Cap Haitien and Limonade, to examine the sensitive urban areas, in order to revitalize them at the benefit of the population.

NOW Institute, based at the University of California, Los Angeles, is a center for study and research of great renown specialist in architecture and urban design. It analyzes the complex phenomena to whom our cities are faced, by taking into account citizens, territory, culture and history, for then provide long-term solutions in term of housing, health and education while taking into account local resources and the dynamism of the business community.

The NOW Institute will rely on the expertise and ingenuity of very great architects and planners who have focused on broader issues around the world ; whether the issue of housing in a flood zone in New Orleans or the development on a human scale of a large city like Madrid.

“I fully intend to bring these experts examine the problems of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions near the river of Haut-du-Cap which flows into the Petite-Anse,” declared Mrs Jean “I also intend lead them to Limonade where the new campus Henry-Christophe of the State University of Haiti is located, whose the anticipated growth will put pressure on the surrounding municipalities. I’m curious to see how these experts will address the problems encountered in the North, to then develop strategies that respect the environment and heritage of Haiti.”

In addition, UNESCO Special Envoy, accompanied by Dr. Mona Nemer, Vice-President Research at the University of Ottawa, will meet with the Rectors and Directors of several Haitian universities to present a training program in entrepreneurship and management of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This initiative will provide knowledge and skills to students who wish to start their own business and become job providers rather than applicants.

The University of Ottawa will work in partnership with the teachers bodies of Haitian campus and with local experts, including financial institutions that would be required to provide micro-credit.

“The Haitians have a keen sense of business,” said Mrs. Jean “By training entrepreneurs to management concepts, to the factors of success in business and in the development of a business plan, we increase the chances of success of these young people which at the end of their studies are often faced with unemployment that is endemic in the country.”

Mrs. Jean will also participate April 7, to the celebrations surrounding the 30th anniversary of the National Pantheon Museum of Haiti, MUPANAH in the presence of President Michel Martelly, the First Lady, Sophia Martelly and Mrs. Michele Frisch, Director General Museum. On this occasion, Mrs. Jean will visit the exhibition “Saint Soleil, 40 years after” and another on Toussaint Louverture, great revolutionary anti-slavery, whose we celebrates this day, the 210th anniversary of the birth.

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