December 11, 2010 20:07 hours

Here’s a guy who was actually listed way down on the BRIDE polls, and the more realistic ones. When the Group of 12 was meeting at the Hotel Caraibe, to contest the election, Preval called Martelly, and Manigat to tell them they were at the top of the vote. Martelly and Manigat then deserted their other opposition candidates and took to the streets, claiming victory. This effectively saved Preval who was already packed to leave.

Martelly is demonstrating his complete and total lack of respect for the Democratic Process by putting his terrorists on the streets to destroy people’s business, creating more hardship in a nation that is battling the effects of an earthquake and now a cholera epidemic.

Many people will die from cholera because of Martelly’s selfishness.

And the people he is putting on the streets are just young kids who are too young to vote. They are there for what Martelly pays them and for what they can steal. Last round saw Martelly’s young people loot a bunch of businesses around Petionville.

Martelly made a great deal of money in the cocaine business and some useful person in the American embassy should publish his DEA dossier to put and end to this foolishness. Preval is probably paying him for this violence.


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  1. If they have a new election, Martelly’s popularity will be shown for what it is, and has been in real polls, not the Boulos fraud. Martelly will be lucky to poll more than 12% in an election. Same goes for Manigat and Jude Celesting who did not manage to break the 10% mark with real polls, actually talking to people and not a computer keyboard.

    Martelly must depend upon violence to save his synthetic position.

    A real vote will show him for what he is.

  2. Why don’t you publish his dossier since you claim to know it so well. Have you ever heard of the word slander? It seems to me that’s all you know when it comes to J. Martelly

  3. That’s just your point of view and until you can show proof of what you’re saying, all of this is just BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Martelly is selfish, he doesn’t care about his country and the innocent will always pay for the guilty ones, but for others that read other news posted on this site, those thugs on the streets are not just Martelly’s people but just plain thugs taking advantage of the situation.

    1. To Papo- I understand that you are upset, but you need to not use profanity- your comments will be deleted otherwise. Thank you

  4. Wow, judging by the comments attached to other articles here on this site, I would venture to say that the news is right- Most of the folks that support Martelly vocally are so angry that they will attack anything that counters their narrow view of the world. Look above at the rage- Way to go guys- solidify the stereotype that you are uncivilized and abusive. Some democracy you have there.

    Just for the record, Martelly is an idiot. Why would you want an idiot running your country? It is not a rock show, and he is backed by folks that are going to screw you harder than you even are aware is possible.

    But, I am sitting here in Honduras, and there are problems here too. At least we dont’ vote for, and then abuse anyone that stands against our candidate, the idiot. Good luck with that.

  5. Amigo let not juge by preference I have notice that your web page always tend to put Jean Henry Cean as the man the haitian population want,however, regarding martelly,you should know that he never left his country cause he lives it and he is not the one who put the violent in the street but preval himsel.your web sated that the were load of guns and turck unloadaded in cite solet ready for a possible civil why accusing Martely?
    do u think that the pride of preval refusing to cancel this election is the best for the country? or that Martelly opposing the recount,that is obviously another fraud already arranged by preval, to put jude celestin on power?do u care about haiti or you r just defendind some gs like the others
    martely has not put on the street to do violence. i am more confident that the criminals of jude Celestin are those infiltrating destroying properties and so on

  6. This site has not slandered Martelly.
    He manages very well himself, along with his $1,000,000 Spanish campaign manager.
    Without fighting over right or wrong Martelly could speak out to stop the violence. He has not done this.
    People will die, business, large and small ruined, children cannot go to school, cholera victims will die and more will become infected.

    All of this because of some politicians’ egos and selfishness.

    Martelly will sell more CDs, Celestin will enjoy his stolen millions, and Manigat will enjoy the money Preval gave her, and we will be no closer to Democracy.

  7. If Michel Martelly thinks I have slandered him, he can sue me in an American court. He has attorneys here as do I. Martelly will be at a disadvantage here. The courts deal with the truth and cannot be burned, the judges cannot be intimidated, businesses cannot be pillaged and tires cannot be burned by teen age kids, who are too young to vote, in any case.

    Martelly is promoting violence, in an effort to seize power without completing the electoral process.

    There is good reason for this.

    Before the Group of 12 fiasco, Martelly’s popularity was about 8%. Preval was packed and ready to leave when he told Manigat and Martelly they were leading the vote count. This pair immediately abandoned their principles, and their associates, to capitalize on the false rumor.

    Let’s have a new CEP and new vote.

    The Martelly can take advantage of the democratic process and win, lose, or draw against the other candidates.

    What could be fairer??

    Violence is not the answer.

    Martelly’s people went to Radio Signal FM yesterday to warn the nation of severe violence tomorrow.

    It is on the record.

    Martelly has had 18 hours to denounce this call to pillage and plunder, but he has remained mute.


    The fact that he and his family made a lot of money in cocaine is not unusual. Many of the major families in Haiti have done this. It is a societal problem. Nothing new.

  8. To administrator, sorry about the profanityo
    To the others that keep slamming Martelly y’all need a wake up call because he has neither the power nor that many supporters. Yes he took the advantage and went with the flow because a lot of them had brand new fliers of Martelly in their hands. Now, as for us middle and upper class folks that seat @ home behind our computers and critisize Martelly, if he should ever go in the secound round, I said “if”, we will stay home and let the people vote for us and put him in power.
    To the person in Honduras you have enough problem of your own to be meddling in our own. TCYOB!!!

  9. the UN have at least 12000 staffs menber making over 100000$ a year to stay in haiti to do nothing other than look good with their blue hat. one of the issue that the new haitian gov should address is the security issues for all citizen even during those crisis how they should be protected.I suggest that the new haitian gov Demand that the UN reduce his force by half and transfer those founds to the new haitian gov to built his own army to protect the citizen of the country. As of today ,the police,UN,the president allowed those violent incidents to continue without any serious intervention that wrong . All the candidates have their goal is to get elected ,however the chief of police ,the UN and menber of the criminal justice system should focus on their tasks whish is to protect the citizen, prevent the destruction of properties and to restore peace within the contry WHICH THEY FAIL TO DO. I guest they dont care , dont know how or they being paid. SHAME ON ALL OF US NOW TO ALLOW THOSE IMCOMPETENT PEOPLE IN PUBLIC SAFETY POSITION . The bigger problem is those in public safety position whom fail to act to prevent such chaotic and volatile situation but not those candidates whom already have serious integrity issues whom ultimate goal is to get elected at any cost.

  10. If you are going to comment- NO PROFANITY or ABUSIVENESS-You are free to disagree, but do it with some class. Sometimes, our reports make Political figures here in Haiti change their plans and direction, due to us exposing them. That is the power of the internet-
    And to the hostile Martelly fan in Ottowa-“HAITIANIZER”- Your comment was deleted-And for your information- WE ARE IN HAITI FULL TIME-Right in the middle of things, unlike you……all the way up there in Canada.

    Come back to Haiti if you want to act like an expert. Eye witness some things, instead of being an abusive armchair expert, hiding out in Ottowa Canada. When you leave your country behind, you are stuck with what is reported by paid reporters. Ours are NOT paid, therefore, NOT corrupted by drugs money and outside influence.

    Just because your buddy Martelly is getting criticized does not open the door for you to be abusive.

    Martelly is a criminal, and because you love him, does not make Mr. Collins wrong. Your IP will be blocked if you chose to be abusive-





  12. they are all thieves, crooks, criminals who are prepaered to gourge themselves on the feast that the international community will hoast for haiti. That is the reason, none, not one, of the leading candidates can bring themself to even think about forging a coalition government; they would rather be the singular thief in chief, I mean commander in chief leading an army of voracious thieves whose single undeviating goal is to grab as much as they can while the feast last.

  13. To the administrator, you seem to be partial toward Mr. Ceant please keep in mind that this gentlemen made his fortune under the the criminal president Aristid in all sorts of money laundering skeems furthermore his alliance with Rene civil, Aristid’s main criminal agitator,should tell you all you need to know about him.

    1. Jean-Henry

      One must chose, personally, the better of 19 evils. It is my understanding that Ceant is an attorney, and made plenty of income legitimately, separate from the aforementioned accusations of property crimes, and has never been associated with drugs or murder. That is not something that the other candidates can say, therefore there will be less negative publicity about Ceant here. I should add that I am not Mr. Collins, the author of the articles that you are referring to. I volunteer for the news group. He will sign everything that he writes with his name.

  14. It is very interesting that everyone is calling for peace and an end to the violence I on the other hand call for a very bloody revolution that sweeps away this imoral and completely corupt system. this country was born of blood and fire; it needs to be reborn by the same mechanisn.
    for those of you who are afraid of death and property destruction, may I remind you of January 12 2010.

  15. well my friend every attorney have one thing they are good at.
    the talk to convince and the catch to win.who is this Ceant anyway that no one ever heard about him before? and if he works for or with Aristid, just remember what aristid did with the invention of cooperative he initiated in can u people forget so quick all the money this evil man took from the country?
    I have no faith in no polititian I prefer someone who has never had his hand in the money stolen from the haitian people just like it is happening now. and all those who are supporting Preval know for good that they have taken part of it and do not want their name on the black the meantime, Haiti is dying,destroying and they insist,if it not them again there will be no other one.think about what you are defending.your country or your pocket?.please, do not be swift to forget what we went through with the same and fight to not have the same again.

    1. From my personal experience, Ceant was the only person that was there with medical aid after the earthquake, but someone that was not here in Haiti during January of this year would never know this. All you saw was the TV and internet news. On the ground here, with bodies rotting everywhere, AIMER Haiti was the only source for medical in the rural areas-Not a single other candidate did anything at all. Well, some of them ripped off money and many were off hiding out somewhere else, but Ceant was there working 20 hours a day- giving away millions of dollars worth of bandages and emergency medical supplies for free- Truckloads of it all day long.

  16. None of the candidates is pure.
    Few of them have enough competence to run a street vendor’s operation.
    Some have murdered.
    Some deal in cocaine.
    Some have kidnapped.
    Some are incompetent, have murdered, kidnapped and deal in cocaine.
    The real polls had Baker and Ceant at the top with Manigat, Martelly and Alexis trailing and Celetin almost off the clock – at the bottom – with 2%.
    We have a bias for Ceant, and Baker as the best of 19 candidates.

    Unless the UN, French, Dominican Republic interrogators are wrong, after interviewing Preval-controlled gang leader Amaral Duclona, Jude Celestin and Preval orderedthe murder of Robert Marcello when he wouldn’t roll over on a $100,000,000 deal for new heavy equipment. Celestin then filled the dead man’s position and purchased $50,000,000 of used equipment. He and Preval pocketed the change. Celestin then got Duclona a false passport. Duclona stayed at Preval’s sister’s house before he was smuggled into the DR. Preval and Celestin wired him money, from the palace, via Western Union – of all things.

    For some reason, they also ordered the murder of a French Consul and Duclona has been extradited to France for this misdemeanor.

    $198,000,000 was stolen from Petrocaraibe Funds by Celestin, Preval and associates. They have never explained this.

    The American embassy/DEA hold a dossier on cocaine.

    These small character flaws riuled out support for Celestin.

    Mirlande Manigat is not in good health. A doctor has said she could die within three months of gaining the presidency. Visitors tell of having to help her into her chair. She then puts her feet up because of blood pressure problems and possible diabetes.

    The fact that she is financed by Preval is enough to make most suspicious.

    I happen to know, and like Martelly, but he is running a campaign that is not in the best interests of Haiti and that, in the final count, is all that matters.

    The embassy/DEA has a dossier on him and could well pop it out to derail things in the future.

    It is best to avoid problems before they happen.

    Ceant may be a friend of Aristide’s, but so are/were many others. I am not included in this category as I have stood as anti-Aristide for years and no one can question this.

    I have never met Ceant, but analyzed all of the material and placed him with Baker at the top of our list.

    There may be a lot of better people, out there, but they are not candidates for the presidency.

    Perhaps Baker and Ceant, Ceant and Baker could form a team as President and Prime Minister.

    Not a bad combination.

  17. Again, you have a pervese way of looking at things, Your narrow prism of the events of Haiti prevents from acknowledging that Mr Preval and his delusional sidekicks (Lambert, Celesrin is responsible for the violence in Haiti. How could anyone expect an oppressed nation to take all the nonsense being force on them without any reaction. Violence begots violence. There has to be some bloodsheds in any for any meaningful changes to occur in Haiti> If you want to blame Mr Martelly for the violence so be it, the haitian people will not and should not accept what others want for them. We will forge our own destiny by any means necessary.

  18. I do not think that Mr. Collins has a perverse way of looking at things. If you look at the covererage, back to the first of this year, you will find he is more balanced that other Haitian outlets.

    Sometime a little violence goes a long way, but violence by some retards does nothing except allow their so-called supporters some right to pillage and theft. The Martelly crowd I have seen on the streets are all too young to vote, so what is their point other than to accept the dollars they receive to manifest?

    Unfortunate ego is to much of our nation and no one cooperates to work together. Celestin would be better than Manigat or Martelly, God help me for saying this truth.

  19. Like they say in French: “Ont envoient des pierres que contre des arbres qui portent, de beaux fruits”
    This guy seems he’s going some where. Other wise he wouldn’t be getting,all that attention. Amen! About time.

    “These poor nation had about enough”


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