January 18, 2011

Evens Paul, one-time mayor of Port-au-Prince, and coordinator of local gangs, has taken center stage to criticize Jean Claude Duvalier’s return to Haiti. Few remember his pivotal roll in the massacre of Roger Lafontant’s supporters in January of 1991. Several hundred were murdered and Evens Paul has never faced justice for his part in this major crime.

More recently, he has controlled a lady Minister of Commerce, pillaging the accounts of this office.

Evens Paul’s crimes are not statute barred.

He should be arrested.

And then there is Victor Benoit, voicing his disdain for the Duvalier government. Those close to Benoit recall his theft of party funds to build his home. Others remember his acceptance of $156,000 from the American embassy to stand as a presidential candidate in the electoral farce some years ago.

Both men are opportunistic criminals who pervert whatever gets in their way to gain financial advantages or public notice.

An old saying… “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…”

Jean Claude Duvalier made efforts to help his people and that is why they are happy to see him now. They remember…or remember through the stories their parents tell…of the good days with Duvalier.

What good days, created by the likes of Evens Paul and Victor Benoit can the people remember – NONE!!!


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  1. It is very unfortunate that a lot of Haitian people choose to ignore the real problem of Haiti: the international communuty, specificly France, Canada and United States hold sway over Haiti since Aristide Departure; it happens that a lot of Haitians support such on the name of democracy that they don’t the meaning and in fact they lost their national pride. They are ready to accept 10000 NGO operating without a permit in the country, they are cheering for the presence of international peacekeepers who are distroying our youths, who don’t know anything about our language, culture or History instead of using their influence and put pressure on the international community to really help Haiti. Intead of focusing on the Duvalier’s case, these Haitians should demande that all the foreigners working in the country must be replaced by Haitian workers to start developing the economy. Furthermore We must know that all the foreigners leaving in Haiti are complicating the economic situation of the country and make life more difficult for the local people because they create an artificial increase of the living cost: they spend in dolars and the people spend in gourdes. They all must get the hell out of the country, the sooner, the better.
    We have the knowledge, we know our people, we know the culture and the language. We can not forget that the Haitian knowing out is well accepted all over the world. What we need in Haiti is a revolution to take the country back from all its ennemies intern as extern. Haiti is

  2. i like your opinion its true those people dont do any thing for us.

  3. I understand for sure that Evens Paul is a cockroach. As you are the members of the tiger family,what name you choose for the tiger and baby tiger for the crimes they are committed to the Haitian People?

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