Lawmakers in Haiti approve U.N. development expert to serve as prime minister

Garry Conille and Bill Clinton

Washington Post:

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Haitian lawmakers on Friday approved the nomination of a U.N. development expert to serve as prime minister, handing President Michel Martelly a tentative victory in his third attempt to install a new head of government in the earthquake-ravaged Caribbean nation.

The lower house of Parliament unanimously approved Martelly’s designation of Garry Conille, 45, a physician who had served as an aide to former U.S. president Bill Clinton in the latter’s role as special U.N. Haiti envoy.

Conille must be approved by the Senate. But his approval in the lower house followed lawmakers’ rejection of two previous nominees in June and August.

That blocked the formation of a new Haitian government for months after Martelly, a former pop star, took office with a promise to lift Haiti out of its misery and turn the poorest country in the Americas into a success story.

“I thank Parliament, particularly the lower house, for the confidence placed in me,” Conille told Reuters after the Chamber of Deputies approved his selection 89-0.


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2 thoughts on “Lawmakers in Haiti approve U.N. development expert to serve as prime minister

  1. I am just thinking…. Am I the only one worried about this choice…..? Something just smell fishy. However, It might just be me. I will wish for the best. And what about MINUSTAH? will they not get a new contract after Oct 12,2011? Lets see how this turn out. Their are people in the streets protesting, but the Haitian police instead of protecting the people are firing on them, because they are protesting. They entire nation will need to protest together everyday till Oct12 from now on. And they will need THE PRESS, THE HAITIAN AND HAITIAN DIASPORAS’ PRESS HELP!!! The power of the press is enormous and can change the world. but, if they do not protest together all the department of the country. they will fall no one will listen to them and they will not succeed in getting these people out of the country. the press need to stand. And all of haitians need to stand. Peacefully we will stand but we will get radical if they keep killing our families and refuse to listen to the majority.

  2. What a shame!
    we will see what will happen next.We all desired to have a new government in Haiti, but, not like it will be.

    Because of the drug dealers, the kipnapers, the rapits, have a malicious contract with the international bluffers, the country will be under fire any way.This government will be a bridge for Mafia to act openly in Haiti.

    Haitians, be ready toufight for your rights.Aristide had sold Haiti in 1992 through the Accord de Paris, now, Martelly ans Lucas are delidering the contry to dealers and stealers.What a shame!

    Preval and Bellerive opened the gates and Martelly team is selling is delivering the country for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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