March 20, 2013

Haiti faced a major crisis over the last weekend, unnoticed by the majority of the nation’s 9,000,000 people. President Martelly was moving towards the firing of 2 advisors, Senators Lambert and Latortue. They are part of an inner circle that has continually given the president bad advice, creating major problems for his administration. Some wonder about Latortue and Lambert’s motivations. Perhaps the bad advice to Martelly was really given to create situation in which the president would look bad.

Lambert and Latortue are focused of retaining seats in the Senate. Without these, both will be open to arrest for their major involvement with Haiti’s cocaine traffic.

Along with Queen Sophia, Sir Thierry Mayard-Paul, and his brother, Sir Gregory Mayard-Paul, the Senators hate Prime Minister Lamothe. So this gaggle of malicious self-centered criminals  press King Martelly for the removal of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, from his position, even though he is doing a better job than any of his predecessors.

In other words, their own self-interests take precedence over the well-being of Haiti’s 9,000,000 peasants!

The Lambert/Latortue duo created a scenario in which they would present Laurent Lamothe as a man set on carrying out some sort of convoluted Parliamentary coup against his friend, and president, Michel Martelly.

Assisting in this dangerous scenario was Arnel Belizaire, and his associates who dance to Aristide’s drum.

Laurent Lamothe is politically naïve and can never be accused of plotting anything other than his direct, and specific task of making Haiti’s economy better as he improves the lives of our population.

Parliament must leave Lamothe to coordinate the day-to-day business, of the country, while President Martelly does what he is best at, being a charismatic leader.

Laurent Lamothe is by far the best Prime Minister we have had since 1986. To lose him, at this critical point in time, will discourage the International Community as it finally begins to take Haiti seriously.

Let us stop this stupid political maneuvering and get on with saving the Nation.


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1 thought on “LAST WEEKEND’S NON-COUP!!

  1. Interesting cartoon illustration where a Pawn upsets entire board and destabilizes the Royalty.

    Martelly should wake up and smell the roses.

    His inner circle will be the reason for his downfall.

    I agree that Lamothe must stay, in order to retain any credibility for Haiti.

    A government with the likes of Lambert and Latortue as key presidential advisers is hard-pressed to gain any international credibility. Surely there are some qualified Haitians who are not knee deep in cocaine and murder!

    Having incompetents like the Mayard-Pauls, in one thing. Having major criminals like Lambert and Latortue is something else.

    And, of course, there is Sophia. She really doesn’t help the game.

    The friendship between her and the American Ambassador is not a healthy thing either.

    I understand that several Senators, and deputies have written the State Department requesting Ambassador White’s recall.

    She was a bad choice for Haiti.

    Her earlier friendship with Sophia Martelly – when they both worked for USAID – presents a gross conflict of interests.

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