7 thoughts on “LAMOTHE RESIGNS

  1. A sad day for Haiti. Martelly will see the error of his ways, but it will be too late for him, and the nation.

    Now we will see the sharks circle Martelly’s boat.

    I predict his collapse before April Fool’s Day – 1 April 2015.

  2. Badly coordinated departure.

    As Head of Government, with control of things, this departure should have been coordinated on Prime Time TV/Radio.

    The speech should have been ready for media distributions days before the date so that it could be released and quoted – worldwide – even as the speech was being made.

    Prime Minister Lamothe is far too polite and has allowed his friendship with President Martelly to cloud the situation.

    He was forced from office – even as he served as Haiti’s best and most successful Prime Minister – EVER!!

    It was not Lamothe who made any errors.

    It was President Martelly who collapsed under the pressure from his in-laws. and the drug community.

    Prime Minister has more to do for Haiti – and will return.

    unfortunately, Martelly will do more TO Haiti and will collapse without his friend’s ability – Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe.

    Haiti is the loser – yet again.

  3. He was Haiti’s last chance. He will probably be replace with a “SLICK Willy” Clinton’s appointee. Sad sad sad day for Haiti.

  4. What’s wrong with us ? What’s wrong with Haiti?. Once again the Forces of Evil of Darkness triumph over the Forces of Good and Light. Is it a Curse or What?. But, Somehow We should Keep Hope Alive and Do Not Despair. Lamothe will be back, this Time as President Because, the People of Haiti will Remember all his Good Deeds and also Because You Reap what you Sow. Nobody, No One can Stop Lamothe anymore, not even Aristide. The Law of Nature is on his Side. Oue pa Oue Rende Vou pou 4 heure. The rest Belongs to God. Mouin Pap Decouraje( I will not be Discouraged ). Good Job Lamothe! VIVE LAMOTHE! VIVE HAITI CHERIE!

  5. All Haitians should take to youtube and spread what is really going on in all languages, and who is really behind it. Like Robert st fleur aka robert Magic has done on youtube. One voice is not enough.if the world must know what group 666 and OP, MOPOD, INITE, LAVALAS IS doing we need to have an online revolution like what started the fall of Egypt and Libya’s former leaders and shook the middle east. Good Haitians should stand down no more.

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