Kenya’s foreign minister reassigned days after touchy comment on country’s police mission in Haiti

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Kenya’s foreign affairs minister was moved to the tourism post Wednesday as part of a Cabinet reshuffle just days after the official said the country’s police in the Kenya-led Haiti peacekeeping mission would be deployed “within a short time.”

Alfred Mutua’s statement came shortly after the U.N Security Council approved the force Monday and was issued before President William Ruto’s statement. The president did not mention when the deployment would take place.

Kenya has committed to leading a multinational force to combat gang violence in Haiti, a plan that has been controversial locally and internationally.

As foreign minister, Mutua was vocal about the Haiti mission, giving prospective deployment times and preparations that are underway. His counterpart in the interior security ministry, where policing issues fall, has been quiet about the deployment.


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