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Haiti - Justice : Towards a trial Clifford Brandt ?

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Towards a trial Clifford Brandt ? This is the question that one can ask while Clifford, arrested October 17, 2012 as part of the investigation into the kidnapping of two children Moscoso and suspected of being a dangerous and powerful Gang Leader has not yet been tried.

Yet the Government Commissioner at that time Lucmane Delille
had sent his final indictment February 12, 2013 to the judge Gabriel Domingue esponsible for the investigation whose the ordinance has still not been delivered while the legal deadline for do it is usually three months… No one seems to be able to [or want to] give explanations in this case, referring to the confidentiality of investigations and with the door open to all kinds of speculation, including possible political implications.

In September 2015, according to Me Bernard Saint-Vil, Dean of the First Instance Court (TPI) of Port-au-Prince, the Clifford Brandt record was deported by the Court of Cassation to the TPI of Port-au-Prince before being transferred to the court for distribution. Me Saint-Vil had indicated that Clifford Brandt will be judged upon the reopening of criminal assizes  which ended December 30, 2015, without the trial of Clifford Brandt took place and without knowing why…
According to judicial sources, the Trial of Clifford Brandt could take place during the resumption of criminal assizes in early 2016, information that is of course impossible to confirm with an official source.

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