Jocelerme Privert advocates dialogue with DR

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Haiti - Diplomacy : Jocelerme Privert advocates dialogue with DR

In an interview granted to the Dominican media CDN, President a.i. Jocelerme Privert, declared that the only thing that guarantees coexistence between the Dominican Republic and Haiti is the harmonious dialogue “I confirm it, it is through dialogue and understanding that we can find any solution to what can happen. Relations were cordial because we share the same island and similar situations. We are condemned to live in harmony and dialogue, there is no other way to live.”

Regarding immigration policy of the Dominican Republic, Jocelerme Privert limited to say that he respected the measures taken by the country in the framework of the Constitution and laws “I respect the law and the Constitution of a country in the same way that I respect the rights of people living in my country, as I respect the rights of citizens living in both parts of the island.”

Taking advantage of this interview, he sent a message of solidarity and encouragement for Haitians living outside their country of origin stating “In the short time that I would be President, my role, my goal is to do my best to have elections soon and form a government so that in Haiti there is peace, stability and harmonious development. My message to all Haitians living in the Dominican Republic or elsewhere, is that when they want to return, they will find work and hope…”

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