July 10, 2012

Mario Andresol’s term as Chief of the National Police (PNH) is about to end.

It is time for Andresol to step down and let a new and fresh leader take his place.

Andresol was originally the American’s choice, forced upon the Haitian scene, without any real review of the man’s actual background, which would have  made him unacceptable in any other society. He was called Haiti’s “Serpico” as a suggestion that he followed the legendary New York detective’s pursuit of any and all criminals, no matter who they might be attached to in the political scheme of things. Andresol did attack a group of cocaine traffickers but these were simply those in competition with Aristide’s team.  In other words, Andresol created a great arrest record while removing the competition.

All of that is in the past.

His tour of duty, as Police Chief, has reached a point where his ego is beginning to overshadow his obligations to the Haitian community. Andresol is seen roaring around the countryside in a caravan of armored vehicles, accompanied by 50 motorcycles – sirens wailing – like some Head of State.

Indeed, Andresol has become too big for his shoes, as the saying goes..

Time for Andresol to hang up his spurs and live off the small, medium or large fortune he has accumulated as head of the PNH, and he has accumulated a lot of money.

A number of possible replacements have been suggested including, if you can believe it, Lubin, one of Aristide’s hit men, involved in the assassination of Mireille Durocher-Bertin – on the orders of Aristide/Preval, in March of 1995.

There are no rivals for  Jesus Christ, among  Haiti’s population. Everyone has character flaws, some greater than an others. The purist members, of our society, could never function in the rough and tumble world of Haitian reality.

The choice of a new police chief is a key foundation piece for survival of the Martelly government, and Haitian society.

Some have put forward the name of Jackie Nau, a key member of the PNH, during the Aristide presidency. Nau was the respected head of the PNH Delmas sector and was looked to – for leadership – by many other senior members of the overall force, at that time.

He served the Haitian community well.

When Aristide ordered an attack on polling stations, during the 2000 general election, Nau, and other police leaders refused and fled to the Dominican Republic to escape the predictable retribution, of an irritated President.

Jackie Nau was, and is a respected member of Haitian society and retains the loyalty of many serving PNH members. In our opinion, the International Community, especially the American and Canadian embassies, should look at Nau’s positive attributes and overlook what they refer to as his “political involvement” during the Aristide chaos.

The PNH is at a point where a new and fresh leadership is a must, if it is to survive and function effectively during the coming years.

Jackie Nau could provide the leadership required.


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  1. As Chief of the Delmas Casserne, Nau stood against Aristide’s Rolande Cadavre and was almost “necklaced.” Nau worked for his people and still has many admirers in the community.

    His family is a respected one, in our community.

    His brother is a well-known orthopedic surgeon.

    Jack Nau is the man who could return some integrity to a badly served police force.

    Time for Andresol to go.

  2. Andresol has a box within the confines of his bureau into which police from all portions of the national PNH deposit envelopes stuffed with cash. this mana from the Gods is for Andresol’s personal use and enjoyments with his many boyfriends.

    He should be a prisoner in his jail and would be without the American support.

    America makes many wrong decisions for us.

    We require a responsible chief and Nau could be the many that saves our days.

  3. Oriol Lubin is building a huge $2,500,000 mansion off the Kenscoff Road. Where did a fired junior officer get this cash? He was an Aristide associate in the cocaine business. Let’s not even consider this guy as a possible police officer – again – let along Chief of the Force!!

    He was one of the 10 officers Aristide reinstated into the Haitian military, after he became president in 1991. Lubin had been fired by General Avril, along with 135 others, for his involvement with the cocaine business.

  4. Blah blah blah, PNH needs a true administrator with the ability to lead (leadership skills, experience, education, maturity etc..are a must). One question, what else qualifies Mr. Nau to lead the nation’s only security force? Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. All these people are in bed together, as you stated no one person within the system is cleaner than the other. PNH can no longer do business as usual, such a prestigious and important position should be merit based, not political affiliation. Keep in mind PNH must be an apolitical organization. Hmmmm i said enough for this is propaganda at its best. Good luck people.

    A true Haitian

  5. In fact we think it’s a good choice , he can reinstall security in here

  6. John, thanks for your comment.

    We would be interested in who you could suggest.


  7. I can recall the Delmas incident when Ronald Cadavre attacked Chief Nau on Aristide’s orders. He was saved even after some of the mob had placed a gasoline filled tyre around his neck.

  8. Mario Andresol will end his term in Mid August and should not be extended, as some suggest. President Martelly needs a new broom to sweep away the existing problems and bring leadership that Andresol lacks.

    Perhaps Nau is out hope.

  9. Mario Andresol has a constitutional mandate that is not yet come to an end. His three year term as Chief of Haitian Police expires August 18, 2012.

    Then it is good bye.

  10. Michael,

    I don’t believe that its my place to suggest anyone nor is it yours. I think that my comments were very clear. The DG position of PNH should be based on merits. There is a lot that goes into running an organization such as PHN or any other big police organization for that matter. The question that i asked was what are the qualifications of Mr. Nau? The DG of PNH needs to be first and foremost an administrator and someone outside of the system. Thank you for your response.

  11. You are absolutely right John, the Director General should be a civilian, in accordance with the regulations.

    We think that Jackie Nau would make a good Police Chief, not a Director General.

    These are two different positions although that seems to have been overlooked.

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