May 31, 2011

Preval is still doing his best to screw up the Martelly presidency. His INITE team is trying to force its way into key cabinet positions. If this happens, Martelly must fail and Preval/Aristide will once again become a greater  threat.

Martelly must use a very simple approach.

Haitians, you gave me an overwhelming mandate with more than 80% of the vote. The CEP reduced this to 60% so as not to embarrass Mirlande Manigat needlessly.

However, Rene Preval, and his INITE associates are doing their best to block my creation or YOUR government.  Instead of allowing me to present a Prime Minister, of my choice, backed by a Cabinet, of my choice, Preval and INITE are doing their best to make things impossible.

If Preval and INITE are allowed to continue along this obstructive path, I will be unable to deliver on the promises I made during my campaign.

I am your government.

You are the ones who gave me an overwhelming mandate.

I ask you now….Are you going to allow a few Deputies and Senators derail me thrust for law-and-order, my effort to give each child an adequate education, my efforts to stabilize your economy so that we will have investment and tourism.

I know what your answer is.

Make the world hear your wishes.

Make the elected representatives know what you expect of them and this does not include payments of $50,000 each to vote yes on an issue.

This is the time to draw the line.


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  1. President Martelly has only one way to solve the problem.
    He needs to call upon the nation to act once and put the Parliament in order.

    The people has the right answre, believe me.
    Lespwa destroyed the country.
    Inite pocketed all the public funds.
    We need to ask the Commissaire of Government to invite the members of the former government to come and bring the money back.
    Preval and his entire government must be arrested and the country will be set free.

    Lambert and his band are wrong
    Arrrest them and put them somewhere in order to facilitate the development of Haiti.

    Those guys are criminals.
    Aristide and associates must be arrested right away if we need to manage the country.

    Moun sa yo pa bon.
    Yo se lenmei peyi a.
    Arete yo pou yo vin di ki kote yo te jwenn tout lajan sa yo.

    Mezanmi, nou genyen tan pou nou pedi avek moun sa yo anko.

    Mache pran yo.

  2. well the very big majority of no educated ones might misinterpreat the message and start burning the parlement with all the senators and deputies in it. this is not what Miki want,he said it clear in his message when he took office,in his goverment there should be no more lost of lives and goods that the goverment can not afford replacing every time(goods).the message must be clear,
    like it happened in Egypt recently,they can make it happen in Haiti. Miki must call the nation to a referendum, and get rid for good of illegal senators and deputies selected by Preval himself regardless the real vote they have stole from real winners of these posts. violence will not resolve anythiing. It can only make thing worst.
    yes we must kick them out of the parlement cause they never won,but we have to use a democratic way of doing so.
    always with democracy,no other way

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