Injustice in Dominican Republic

Excerpts from the Statement on Injustice in Dominican Republic

On behalf of the National Bar Association, we strongly condemn the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, which has retroactively rescinded the citizenship of persons of Haitian lineage born in the Dominican Republic.


We stand firmly with our brothers and sisters of Haitian descent within our organization and in the Dominican Republic.


The National Bar cannot remain silent and we urge the immediate review and reversal of this ruling. As a result, the National Bar Association Small Firms/Solo Practitioners Division is cancelling its previously scheduled March 2014 Conference in the Dominican Republic. Instead, it will host  its conference in another country and will not return as long as this decision remains in effect.

As President of the National Bar Association, I encourage other bar, governmental, and corporate leaders to condemn the action of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic, denying persons of Haitian consanguinity their rightful citizenship and join us as we continue to Stand Our Ground For Justice.

Patricia Rosier,
President, National Bar Association
1225 11th Street Northwest,
Washington, DC 20001


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